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  1. Uh.......um........ Nope. Not even gonna. Actually, I am gonna. TNA was, arguably, at its best in 2012. That was when, guess what, Vince Russo was fired before they brought him back in.
  2. Oh you mean the Switch version of the game. My bad. I'm getting it on PS4 if I'm lucky. But for sure I'll keep the 128 SD card info in mind. They're pretty dirt cheap here.
  3. Got a haircut tonight. My birthday is coming up soon and I had to make myself look presentable for that day, sort of speak.
  4. Save for an SD card too. Im not entirely sure if you need one for WWE 2K18 but I think it will be a requirement if NBA 2K18 is anything to go by. I got an 128 GB card being delivered tomorrow. An SD card for WWE 2K18? Surely that game's installation can't be that big.
  5. I was gonna get that trilogy but went with the Jak and Daxter one instead. Blew through the first one. The second one was a love-hate thing with me. The third was all right.
  6. An old video from my old recording device in 2011. Wesker is awesome in RE4's Mercenaries. And a random run on my favorite melee map in Arkham City.
  7. My sister was admitted to the psychiatric ward when her bipolar disorder was triggered. She got discharged last week Thursday and is in good health. Oh yeah and she's pregnant. I'm just happy that my sister is doing well.
  8. Won't be purchasing any new games in the near future. I'm more focused on saving for a Switch. So for now, Nier Automata and 10 Super Mario Bros. platforming games.
  9. Nier Automata. S'been a while since I've played this.
  10. 3 evening visits with my pregnant sister in the hospital. All of them have been great. Almost caused her to lose her cool but was able to get her back on track......luckily.
  11. Mega Man X2. Got everything primed and ready to upload on YouTube.
  12. Great American Bash 1989 main event with those two was great as well. Hell that whole PPV for its time was a fun watch. Souled Out 1997. That's one the worst WCW PPVs ever.
  13. Because old wrestling sucks balls and I've seen everything that is worthy of seeing in countless DVD's and specials. I think the oldest show I've actually watched on the network is a mid-2000's Taboo Tuesday because nL commentated over it. *facepalm* I suppose a guy getting his arm mauled by a cobra sucks balls to him.
  14. You should see what he looked like in 1995. If you're mostly talking about his Ruthless Aggression days.
  15. Take a guess..... Don't tell me. *sighs* Bro. Just......just......bro.
  16. Remember Brawl For All? God that tournament sucked. And it killed "Dr. Death" Steve Williams' career. Who came up with that stupid concept?
  17. Yeah I heard Sonic Mania's great. Not a Sonic fan, but good for the blue hedgehog.
  18. Well? SummerSlam 2002. Do I really need to say anything about SummerSlam 2002 that hasn't been said already? Best one under the SummerSlam name by far. No other one comes close. So that's 3 of these I've seen. 2000 which was good (minus the women's match that sucked), 1992 (England needs another PPV at the new Wembley in my opinion) and 2002. Maybe I should watch one of the lesser SummerSlams next. And I know just the one to watch.
  19. Just finished SummerSlam 1992. It's one of my favorite SummerSlam PPVs ever. It's a 2-match show, yes, but boy did those 2 matches deliver. Right now I'm currently watching: This is gonna be so much fun to watch this again.
  20. WWE 2K17. Starting a new series of YouTube videos. By the way, neg. Is Jason Voorhees crushing that girl's head? Or squeezing the......what did he do? I can't quite make it out.
  21. Congrats. Being an uncle is great. I love my two nephews. First and foremost, I gotta calm my sister's nerves. Cause no one else apparently is doing it. I'm actually more nervous than her. Being an uncle is way different than being an older cousin.
  22. I replayed Mario Kart Wii for the first time since December 2012. Redid all of the cups and everything before re-tackling them in a bit of an all-cup run. This was the first part of the all-cup tour. I tackled the last 3 wingsuit courses before obtaining my 44th platinum. This speaks for itself. My channel intro from now until next year when I do another one.
  23. My sister's having a baby next year. Yep. Yours truly is gonna be an uncle. I'm honestly hoping for a niece, but I will love them either way.
  24. Jak 3. Just finished it. Overall, Jak and Daxter wasn't so bad of a series. The first game was Super Mario 64/Banjo-Kazooie-esque (not like that's a bad thing), Jak 2 is honestly my favorite out of the 3 (would've been a lot better if the checkpoints weren't rage-inducing shit) and Jak 3 which isn't all that good from Jak 2 with the exception of weapon upgrades and the checkpoints were a bit reasonable.
  25. A small bit of Jak 3. I'll go at it again at a later date.
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