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  1. Dude. Not cool. I heard about that and I thought, "how is this guy supposed to be a face?" He comes off as a dick in real life and would be better off being the top heel more. That's what pisses me off about Roman Reigns more than anything else.
  2. Just finished Doom (2016). Got my ass killed a lot, but God damn was that game an adrenaline rush. Loved it. Now I'm going through the missions to seek out what I missed. Also played and completed The Mummy Demastered in 4 days. It's a short but easy Metroidvania title by Way Forward. Worth a look if you're into those types of games.
  3. I don't need to watch that to remember this debacle.
  4. Just bing watched the 1995, 1996 and 2002 Survivor Series PPVs. Thumbs up for all 3 of them. Easily 3 of the top 5 PPVs under that name.
  5. Super Smash Bros. (N64) Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES)
  6. The King Of The Ring is slowly drawing near. I've got some big stuff in store once it gets off the ground.
  7. A combination of WWE 2K14 and 2K17 on PS3 for YouTube and Mad Max for PS4. Almost completed the PS2 platforming trio by buying the Ratchet and Clank Collection, but didn't do it for some odd reason.
  8. Hitler? That's a bit extreme, don't you think? Why? Didn't you get what I meant? If I'd said Trump would it make you happier? Or if I'd said Nia Jax? Fully. But Hitler? Wow. I probably would've used Trump as a better example. Cause Trump fans are almost identical to Russo fans to me.
  9. Hitler? That's a bit extreme, don't you think?
  10. One of the episodes I saw had him carrying an Eric Cartman plushie so I don't know. I do remember Raw in August 1998 being an absolute mess to watch. More proof that Vince Russo wasn't as good as people portray him to be. Are you really implying people portray Vince Russo as being great?? Oh yeah. To this day, people will always defend that clown. Saying that 'he created the Attitude Era' or 'he created Austin and The Rock' among other ridiculous claims that anyone can debunk easily. Vince Russo fans are way worse than any other fanbase for anyone around wrestling that I can recall.
  11. One of the episodes I saw had him carrying an Eric Cartman plushie so I don't know. I do remember Raw in August 1998 being an absolute mess to watch. More proof that Vince Russo wasn't as good as people portray him to be.
  12. Hope I'm not too late so here goes: - Gable and Benjamin beat The Hype Bros. and the heel turn starts. - Randy Orton beats Rusev because.......well, because. - Charlotte wins the belt and Carmella cashes in for the cheap heat. - Bobby Roode beats Dolph Ziggler. - Baron Corbin wins the U.S. title and for God's sake, he better not have a bad match with AJ Styles of all people. - The New Day and The Usos steal the show again with The New Day retaining. - Get use to Jinder Mahal as WWE champion, people. I see them going all the way to WrestleMania 34 with him as the champion. So I'm fully expecting the same old tired finish with him and a Jinder Mahal win. I want it to be Nakamura but it ain't gonna happen. - Kevin Owens wins. He has to win. Shane McMahon winning would be stupid. And those are my predictions.
  13. That TV-14 show sounds like a bad idea.
  14. Cuphead is never coming to PS4. Confirmed. Never. Welp? Dem's the breaks I guess.
  15. For real, starting playing this today and it's so much fun. Totally worth the wait. Hoping for a PSN release. One of the bosses I saw was nightmare inducing. God damn you, 1930s animation. Right now, saving for a Switch as I've stated and hoping to get WWE 2K18. So for now, WWE 2K14 will have to suffice. Got my YouTube channel to keep maintaining. Gaining on 1, 000 videos pretty shortly.
  16. Hence the love-hate I had for Jax 2. It was so much better than Jak 1. The improvements were great. The darker story and character development for Jak was great. But I'm on the same boat with you. The checkpoints sucked ass. >__<
  17. Oh you mean the Switch version of the game. My bad. I'm getting it on PS4 if I'm lucky. But for sure I'll keep the 128 SD card info in mind. They're pretty dirt cheap here.
  18. Got a haircut tonight. My birthday is coming up soon and I had to make myself look presentable for that day, sort of speak.
  19. Save for an SD card too. Im not entirely sure if you need one for WWE 2K18 but I think it will be a requirement if NBA 2K18 is anything to go by. I got an 128 GB card being delivered tomorrow. An SD card for WWE 2K18? Surely that game's installation can't be that big.
  20. I was gonna get that trilogy but went with the Jak and Daxter one instead. Blew through the first one. The second one was a love-hate thing with me. The third was all right.
  21. An old video from my old recording device in 2011. Wesker is awesome in RE4's Mercenaries. And a random run on my favorite melee map in Arkham City.
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