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  1. The ending of GT has to be the best thing of the whole series, it was great. Much better than Z's ending imo


    Ditto. I know GT wasn't a big favorite to many (I didn't think it was that bad), but I loved that ending. Yay for watching the original Japanese broadcast as well. Funimation's dub was terrible.


    To be honest, I've yet to see the original Dragonball in its original format.

    I've seen like two Spanish subbed episodes and that's it.

  2. meh, I'll bite. :P


    My channel is mostly a WWE games channel, but I also do various games from the old (Super Mario Bros 3) to the new (WWE 2K14). I only have one set of videos with my voice which was 4 years ago and until I decide to get a mic, I'd love to do playthroughs in the near future.....if YouTube Auto Content ID B.S. doesn't get in my way. It happened once.


    So for now, here's some of the videos from my arsenal for you guys to enjoy.




    The final part of my Super Punch-Out playthrough 4 years ago (w/commentary)


    2 years ago this month I did a Retro Appreciation Month on my channel. Playing old games on old systems for one month only. This was the first video that started it all.


    During my CAW Montage on SmackDown vs Raw 2011, this was a scene I made that planted the seeds for my long-running heel run of Kelly Kelly. Meh, if you follow the videos (and they're a lot), you'll get the idea.


    A video I made for laughs. And I regret nothing :XD:


    Sequel to the video I made above, even more hilarious.


    One of my Uncharted 3 online highlights.



    I made an all-European female stable in 2011 and carried them through all of the games afterwards. That was part of my creator's block moment when I made the same CAW, but from different countries and different personas. The original is the one in yellow and blue from Sweden. And this was a story I made showing her being accepted into the female stable by the time WWE '12 came about.


    An homage to Saturday Night's Main Event and a look at how I was going to do my CAW Montage back then.


    My recent playthrough before my montage started in June.



  3. No one has wrestling games screen caps?,I'll make a thread like this in the 2k15 section after the game is out


    I do, it's mostly CAW screen caps though. Me using my creations to beat up on the main roster. both from my ancient capture card and my HD-PVR.

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