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  1. Just got Yoshi's Wooly World and finished the 1st world. Holy crap, this game is awesome. I'll restart from where I left off with the Classic Pro controller.
  2. I found Uncharted 3 to be far easier than Uncharted 2, mostly because of the UC2 final boss battle and that scene where you find that big guy on the train. Hence the reason why I don't wanna go for the platinum in UC2. I hated fighting Lieutenant Draza. Big guy on the train.
  3. All I heard was him saying that most wrestlers nowadays can't seem to keep kayfabe. And before anyone comes at me, remember what we're dealing with. This is the same company that stays one thing, then turns it around 540 degrees when it benefits them. Or maybe Rusev and Lana were like 'f**k this storyline' and announced our engagement to TMZ. Let's take the punishment as it is.
  4. Arkham Origins is basically the same as Arkham City. Literally.
  5. The combat sucks in Origins? Well, I haven't played Knight but Origins was the same as City, minus the martial arts experts and overpowered shock gloves. I hate things that slow me down when I'm beating the snot outta low-life thugs.
  6. I can only imagine how bad Uncharted 2 is on Crushing. I haven't even started it on Hard yet. Stupid train level and Lt. Draza boss fight. >__<
  7. New difficulty? What're you talking about?
  8. That's the only Uncharted game that I've beaten all the way. 100% and everything. 2 and 3 are good and all, but I've always loved the very first one. And yes, Crushing difficulty was tough. Especially the vehicular segments. I hated those segments. And the church. Ugh, so much pain.
  9. Went back to 3D Dot Game Heroes. Totally forgot how great this game was.......along with getting through the game again from beginning to end. I figured, "I got certain trophies and all of a sudden I stopped. Why?" Then I found out why, the hard way. Still an extremely fun game to play, especially if you like 2D Legend of Zelda.
  10. Just got the Plague Knight DLC from Shovel Knight. I literally just raged quit at Propeller Knight. Edit: Beat him and the game. The Plague Knight DLC is fun though. Highly recommended. But dear Lord, Propeller Knight. I know two other knights will have DLC. I'm hoping things won't be that bad with them.
  11. ^ I guess you haven't read the reviews for GTA 5 and Last Of Us on GameSpot. Two games with really good reviews, but the community were writing petitions to get these reviewers fired or have the games reviewed again cause the 9.0 and 8.5 ratings were not good enough. In their minds, they should've been 10s instantly. I don't ever give reviews that much of a deal. I just play a game that looks good, buy it, play it and keep it if I enjoy it. If not, sell it or trade it for something else.
  12. Scratch that. Now Rayman Legends is starting to show some of its difficulty spike. Not that hard, but it does have its moments like Rayman Origins.
  13. Rayman Legends. Goodness sakes, this game is easier than Origins so far. That one took me three years to platinum.
  14. New Super Mario Bros. 2 Easily the weakest of the New Super Mario Bros. games.
  15. Random YouTube comment from a while back. Hell, YouTube is more enough for cringeworthy comments. It was the Hell In A Cell match with Taker and Mick Foley. Fun match, a bit overrated. But I caught a comment where the guy said that this was an awesome match (questionable) and that guys like Kofi Kingston lack the passion to be a wrestler. If he wants to show how much passion he has, he should get thrown off the cell like Foley did twice. So to be passionate about being a wrestler, you have to be thrown 20 feet in the air onto a table and concrete. Then again, it's YouTube. A hive of braindead idiots. Some people actually think, others not so much, others not at all.
  16. Y'all are making me wish that December gets here a lot quicker. And this is coming from someone who has a ton of patience himself.
  17. I never got 120 because of the penguin races, until emulators came around and I used cheats. I think getting all 120 gives you a giant penguin and Yoshi at the top of the castle aside from some other stuff. Indeed it does. Never liked the penguin races, like, at all.
  18. New Super Luigi U. Wow it's kinda tough, especially when you want to get all the Star Coins in one go, but it's a hell of a lot more fun than the original game itself. I could only imagine how bad New Super Luigi U would be with four players. Game overs galore, that's what.
  19. Super Mario 64 (Virtual Console). It's aged, but it's still entertaining and awesome. Gunning for 120 stars again. Haven't done that in a long time.
  20. For those who follow Wrestling Soup on Twitter, apparently they had to put a bunch of 16 to 18 year old girls in their place (and/or some mothers with young girls) who idolise the Bellas. Of all the women in WWE to idolise, it's the Bellas? Charlotte, Sasha, Naomi, Becky, Paige.....okay maybe not her if her Tough Enough appearances are that bad, Bayley? Hello?
  21. Replaying all of my games on the 3DS. DS included. Wow, Super Mario 64 DS is a lot of fun. Minus the clunky controls though.
  22. Tremor? He's a guy from Mortal Kombat I've never heard of. Is he a new fighter?
  23. Hi. I'm Charlie. And these are my angels. At least when I decide to use the princesses on bikes and ATVs. Funny how high Peach has gone for me seeing as how I hate her a lot.
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