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  1. I wish I could've done more with Stardust. For some reason I can't edit facepaint. Or maybe I can but I haven't figured it out yet. He looks incomplete without his facepaint to look like Sinestro's.
  2. Like I said, R-Truth would've made a better choice as Static Shock. And I was right.
  3. ^ Ah the memories of watching this in the drive-in with my father....... and getting the absolute s**t scared out of me in the process.
  4. WWE 2K16 (PS3), WWE 2K14, WWE '13. I am literally nine videos away from finishing something on my YouTube channel that, believe it or not, I was building up since WWE '12 came out in 2011. Once those are done, I am free to finish whatever games I've yet to finish.
  5. I was so hoping not to use a Bella quite honestly. Hell I could make Nikki Super Girl if I wanted to. It's extremely easy to do. DCAU or comic incarnation. It can be done. Plus it helps that I downloaded the 'S' logo online too. But I want to make 5 others first before I do.
  6. Nope. At least not yet. I don't know. Too many people, I think, probably have several Super Cena attires on PSN and Xbox Live at this point, so I figured it'd be pointless. Funny thing about Seth-Neto? I looked at his attire and I thought, hmm. Seth Rollins with Magneto's colors. And with the metallic type? Sure, why not? And THEN I saw the helmet. And I was like......perfect. That's my favorite out of the bunch. I've done 4 others but those were Undertaker circa 1994 to 1996 and of course The Shield's gear. I'm still trying to find out who I can have cosplaying from the women's standpoint.
  7. I highly doubt I can pull that off. There's still some limitations, especially with the women.
  8. But I had fun making them. That was the whole point.
  9. I've gone back to Arkham Knight temporarily and bought some DLC. Yeesh, Red Hood is sluggish in freeflow and I'm gonna play the Batgirl DLC before I give my final decision on her.
  10. ^ Not sure how you did that, but cool. Honesty not a fan of the slow-pacing on the PS4 version. But damn, they screwed up big time by not including the 4 Horsewomen.
  11. Ladies and gentlemen, SETH......NETO!!! My God, I had so much fun making this. Just an example of what I intend on doing with 5 other wrestlers (and 6 women if I'm lucky) and upload them on YouTube, hopefully before 2016 rolls around the corner.
  12. Not till Q4 of 2016...which is a loooooong ass time. Comes out for PC soon though. Geez. Good thing I'm a patient man.
  13. WWE 2K16 (PS4 and PS3 versions). Wow, never thought I'd see the day I would be buying the same game for two different consoles. Until I can somehow remake just one of my CAWs from WWE 2K14 on the PS4 version, I'll be using the PS3 version more. Still I'll play some matches on the PS4 version and create belts and arenas and stuff like that. But once I can make one of my creations, I'll switch between the two.
  14. I've made him since SmackDown 2010 when he was the original Robin. His finishers were Swanton Bomb (Bludhaven Bomb) and Super Kick. As long as the RKO doesn't have the 'temper tantrum' animation afterwards.
  15. That would've been so much better if that had ended the fight. I so have to buy the DLC for this.
  16. Is the body morphing in 2K16 similar or much different than the ones in past games?
  17. Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4) WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2009 to WWE 2K14 (PS3) Once I'm done with them, I'm going back to Yoshi's Woolly World. I need to finish that game.
  18. That is a, very good looking ROH Heavyweight title belt. no it's not It's the World Tag-Team Championship belt Oh. Whoops. Sorry. Haven't watched a lot of Ring of Honor.
  19. That is a, very good looking ROH Heavyweight title belt.
  20. Oh wait, wrong costume. I was thinking of his Fall Brawl: War Games '96 attire.
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