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  1. Monster Hunter World Kept getting one-hit by the damn Diablos and gave up. What am I missing?
  2. I got WWE 2K18. And just like 2K16 I will be doing screens of customised outfits for people. Hopefully I can actually get some decent outfits done for the women this time around.
  3. Same. I get the sense it will be France/England though. Ugh. Hope not. No fan of France and no fan of England either. It'll be tough for Belgium but I think they can do it.
  4. My niece is a bundle of joy at 5 months old. As long as you don't make her stand up on you.
  5. Gravity Rush Remastered. Other than certain missions on the DLC, I had a blast playing this game.
  6. Brazil out. That made my day. So France vs Belgium. Oh man. Not a fan of the French BUT......the attacking power from both of these teams? Hell yes. Now if Belgium beats France and England doesn't make the final, we are guaranteed a final with two nations that have never won a World Cup. That I'd like to see.
  7. AGAIN, piss off. They'll be back again. My dark horse Belgium is still doing well for now.
  8. You gonna change "teams" due to Germany being shit? Piss off. I'm still supporting the Germans.
  9. *sighs* I've unleashed all of my anger and heartache on my Twitter. I have no more to give. Such an embarrassing performance from Germany.
  10. From Barbados but refers to Germany as us, hmmmmm Migration is a thing in this world. Sure but he's said before he supports Germany because Barbados are shit and doesn't/hasn't lived there. Liking them is fine but saying "we" is a bit far So.....because I live in another country doesn't mean I can refer to another country's team that I support as 'us' now?
  11. Germany is gonna give me a heart attack, I swear to God. Also I had a look at my tweets throughout the game and.....boy. I was pretty pissed after that Swedish goal. We can savor this win, but we have to lay the hammer down on South Korea on Wednesday.
  12. Mexico were much quicker on the field. Germany were slow. It was obvious in the first half, and it was more obvious after the goal. Now that Sweden won, we have to beat them convincingly to avoid embarrassing ourselves like France, Italy and Spain before us.
  13. What the hell was that from Germany today? First upset of the World Cup and it happens to us. Pissed about this.
  14. Five years ago, my father suffered a stroke combined with a diabetic coma. He's still alive and kicking, celebrating Father's Day today. Two years ago, my sister was diagnosed with schizophrenic bipolar disorder. She's now a mother and celebrating her 20th birthday today.
  15. YAY. Clean sweep. And now I'm gonna do horribly with Money In The Bank. - Bludgeon Brothers - Bobby Lashley - Daniel Bryan - Roman Reigns - Elias - Ronda Rousey - Asuka by DQ - Styles - Natalya - The Miz (Big E)
  16. The champs are up today against Mexico. Let's go, Germany.
  17. Quick NXT picks: - Ricochet - Undisputed Era - Shayna Baszler - Aleister Black - Tomasa Ciampa I'll make my MITB picks tomorrow.
  18. Metroid: Samus Returns (awesome game), Mario Kart 7 and New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the 3DS.
  19. Has there ever been a Spider-Man game with web swinging that was this fluid? Wow.
  20. Gravity Rush Remastered. Damn this game is great. Should've been a PS3 release instead of PSP (or was it Vita) if you ask me.
  21. Monster Hunter World. Finally settled on the crossbow as my weapon of choice. Still kinda new to the series. And Pukei-Pukeis can eat a dick. I hate those things. I can only imagine how bad the other monsters are gonna be.
  22. With Money In The Bank coming back to Rosemont, I'm going back to watch the 2011 edition again. In full.
  23. The World Cup is like over a month away now. Wow.
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