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  1. I've got Up Your Arsenal on PS2 and I don't think I've past the halfway point on it.
  2. Corey Greaves looks like Popeye, what the hell?
  3. I've gone back to Resident Evil: Relevations on PS3. I want to start over but I'm at Chapter 5 (halfway) so no. I like Raid Mode though.
  4. Had a choice between Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Tomb Raider yesterday. Got Tropical Freeze instead. No regrets whatsoever.
  5. Handhelds usually get the better exclusives.
  6. SmackDown 2010, 2011, WWE '12 - 2K14, Guacamelee, Strider. - PS3 Shantae and The Pirate's Curse, Shovel Knight, MegaMan X3. - Wii U
  7. Try playing the Donkey Kong Country games on the SNES. They're awesome. Currently playing the wrestling games I have from SmackDown 2010 to 2K14. I'm working on videos for my YouTube channel so that's why. Other than that, Mario Kart 8, Shovel Knight, MegaMan X3 and I recently beat Shantae and The Pirate's Curse at 100%. My Wii U is getting a lot of love right now.
  8. I'm impressed. I went back to play Super Mario 64 with the Wii's Classic Controller. Needless to say, it plays well unlike the GameCube's ultra sensitive analog stick but I kinda rage quit at the one involving a Thwomp.
  9. Please tell me Frieza will have his iconic voice.
  10. Ditto. I know GT wasn't a big favorite to many (I didn't think it was that bad), but I loved that ending. Yay for watching the original Japanese broadcast as well. Funimation's dub was terrible. To be honest, I've yet to see the original Dragonball in its original format. I've seen like two Spanish subbed episodes and that's it.
  11. I'm so done. I am so done. Oh man. I don't like GTA, but those screens were great.
  12. I do, it's mostly CAW screen caps though. Me using my creations to beat up on the main roster. both from my ancient capture card and my HD-PVR.
  13. He'll be in. I just don't see Super Smash Bros. 4 without all 12 of the first characters in it.
  14. Meh, the only online I go on nowadays in Uncharted 3 so this doesn't bother me. I usually mop the floor with my siblings who think that they can outplay me in Smash Brothers.
  15. I figured he would show. That ring arena looked like one of the Punch-Out rings. Still, Little Mac looks like he's gonna be one of those Difficult But Awesome characters on the roster. Same with Mega Man. Needless to say, can't wait to give them both a try.
  16. Are there any other Nintendo mascots that haven't been in the Smash Brothers Universe?
  17. Layoffs suck. Too bad over 3K temporary Government workers (myself possibly included) might lose theirs by the end of March. They've started on Jan 31st, so here's hoping things go well for me and everyone else.

  18. Luigi and Pikachu were my mains in the first one, while Meta Knight, Ike, Luigi and Falco are my mains in Brawl. I missed out on Melee Hopefully I get a Wii-U this year cause Super Smash Bros 4 and the other exclusives for that console are tempting me.
  19. Little Big Planet 2

    Dead Space 2

    Mortal Kombat


    4 new games for the PS3 that I want so bad along with others that have been nagging me for months like all 3 God of War games.

    All of the games I want plus Bayonetta which I reached Chapter 5 up until now (going slow while dying CONSTANTLY) are all on the edgy side. I think I'll get LBP2 tomorrow t...

  20. You should do an all-time greatest games of certain eras. That would be neat.

  21. Regarding the 1004 trophy. I saw on a thread that you did it.

    I want to be sure about this cause I did over 100 sigs and finishers in a ladder match just now. You can do these in multiple sittings as long as it's in the same match type?

    Damn, why didn't they add a stats section like the older games did?

  22. Rihanna as one of your top babes, eh?

    One of our homegrown stars is REALLY doing a lot for our country.

  23. Member of the week?

    I'm curious.

  24. Pretty good game, yes.

    HATE......HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE, the Noir levels.

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