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  1. Recently got a new capture card (El Gato yesterday and currently putting a lot of its features to the test). These came from a Mario Kart 8 run I did.
  2. How? I just don't put graphics as a high priority when it comes to games.
  3. Eh, graphics are usually the last thing I look at. But that's just me. I understand what you mean by games having to be visually appealing. But boycotting one cause it's not pretty enough? Now that's just idiotic to me.
  4. No, no. I know a lot of you here could care less about how a game looks as long as the gameplay is great. I'm talking about those same idiots that still think that how pretty a game looks or how much you can't see the pixels determines how great it is in 2015. It's pathetic.
  5. And yet, people still have the nerve to complain that it isn't "as pretty" as it should be. Like...people are legit pissed about it. Not me, though. Game is pretty. Are pretty graphics all what people care for?
  6. Tomb Raider - Game Of The Year edition. Man that game is great. I've beaten it so now I'm searching for whatever I left behind.
  7. Shantae and The Pirate's Curse. I was thinking of buying Ty: The Tasmanian Tiger 1 and 2 along with The Suffering to breath some life into my PlayStation 2 (that still works) at month's end. Should I?
  8. No, Predator. Eh. Michael Myers would've probably been better.
  9. Well? Third attempt at Shovel Knight. Five (5) deaths. I can live with that.
  10. Second attempt at a no-death Shovel Knight run. 12 deaths. Really not liking the double-digits there.
  11. Trying to beat Shovel Knight without dying. My first attempt yesterday did not go too well. 28 deaths. All of them were my fault and platforming derps. Boss fights are no problem except for one, but once I can get through the levels without screwing up, I know I can pull it off.
  12. Shovel Knight. I literally have Tomb Raider: Game Of The Year Edition in my shelf and I haven't even opened the plastic for it yet.
  13. Tried out Mario Kart 8's new content yesterday. God damn that 200CC speed. So far I got a gold at the Mushroom Cup (1-star ranking). In-drift bikes with small characters really help.
  14. Mario Kart 8. The new DLC is coming out this Thursday. And with this new 200CC mode being apart of it, I wanna get my mojo back.
  15. Damn, I thought I was alone on preferring to play a game with older graphics than the photorealistic shit out now I can still play NES titles with ease and not go 'eww' like a lot of these entitled gamers nowadays.
  16. Man I need to beat the first Revelations before I buy the 2nd one.
  17. Kirby: Triple Deluxe with a bit of WWE 2K14 on the side.
  18. Purchased 3 games from a big sale in my neck of the woods. I bought Tomb Raider: Game Of The Year Edition (PS3), Saints Row 4: Gat Out Of Hell (PS3) and Kirby: Triple Deluxe (3DS) finally. Thing is, I could've purchased Batman: Arkham Origins - Blackgate, Ultimate NES Remix or Kirby: Triple Deluxe for my 3DS. Are Blackgate and NES Remix any good?
  19. Rayman Origins (PS3). Another platinum added to my name.
  20. It'd be cool to see John Cena dawning Chris Benoit's 200ish wrestling attires in my opinion. Think anyone can pull it off?
  21. I've seen face glitches on WWE '13 right after doing a standing finisher. Very......creepy. Especially when you look at them through Highlight Reel.
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