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  1. Axiom Verge (PS4). Got lost and had to find a guide to get back in track. That was kinda embarrassing. Back to Rise Of The Tomb Raider now.
  2. Megaman Legacy Collection throughout the week. MegaMan 2 - no death run Gonna upload it on YouTube today. MegaMan 3 - annoyed me MegaMan 4 - underrated MegaMan 5 - hard to get a Game Over in this game. No really. MegaMan 6 - not a fan of this game.
  3. I'm contemplating whether to go all-out and get Super Smash Bros w/GameCube controller adaptor or go short instead with The Wonderful 101. I guess I'll go with the latter. Playing some of my older WWE games, preparing a series of videos to upload them on Saturday only this month.
  4. Remember when they used a tumbler, ON the PPV mind you, before the match started?
  5. I actually played the demo of the Nathan Drake collection the other day, I've never played the Uncharted series before. It's one of the best Sony exclusives in the past decade. Definitely give all 4 games (5 if you count that one PSP game) a try.
  6. That was the one Eddie won. That was a really good mini-Rumble.
  7. Usually I would upload a channel intro at the start of the new year. This year I have a dilemma. I made two of them and uploaded them both to my channel. I only intend on keeping one up on my main channel while the other will go to my backup channel with a few tweaks behind it, but which one do you think should stay and which should go? Edit: I went with the second one.
  8. Axiom Verge. It's like Super Metroid, only 8-bit.
  9. I do remember that. It didn't even dawn on me that they were making a weed reference on TV.
  10. Rise Of The Tomb Raider Uncharted 4: Survival Mode (loads of fun) Mega Man Legacy Collection (beat Mega Man 1) Shadow Complex Remastered inFamous: Second Son Mario Kart 8 Super Mario World Super Mario Maker Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero Hyrule Warriors WWE 2K17 WWE 2K16 WWE 2K14 Blood Stone 007 All throughout both the Christmas weekend and now the New Year's weekend. Plus comics and Blu-Ray movies that I'm gonna storm through. Yeah, I had a good Christmas this year.
  11. You and me both. The hell was that? Did it even have a name?
  12. Remember? More like how can you forget?
  13. Like a boss. Pun intentionally intended.
  14. That is the prettiest looking Wolverine I've ever seen.
  15. Wow... I almost forgot that entire program that he had with Roman Reigns. We all did.
  16. Got my replacement PS3 over the weekend. Was a bitch to do the data transfer but I did it. Only setback? Re-installing all of the game data and DLCs all over again. Minor, but a setback nonetheless.
  17. Kinda looks like the retro, in more ways than one, WWF title belt when Hulk Hogan won it back in '84.
  18. Cole MacGrath is so much better than this protagonist. And I'll patiently wait for Sly 5 to come out. That game's gonna be great.
  19. inFamous: Second Son. Good run now. The protagonist is a bit better as a hero, but he still sucks.
  20. inFamous: Second Son; evil run. Not digging the new protagonist. Also contemplating what game to get using the, amazingly, 160 dollar store credit I have before year's end.
  21. I got my Wyatts and Alexa Bliss predictions wrong. Other than that, not a bad night. Still lingering in that top 20.
  22. My predictions: I'm guessing the kick-off match will be Luke Harper vs Kane again or Apollo Crews vs Curt Hawkins. Ladder Match (Intercontinental Championship) - Starts the show The Miz © w/Maryse vs Dolph Ziggler Tag Team Championship Slater and Rhino © vs Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton Now is not the time to take the belts off of Slater and Rhino. Oh, and Orton won't turn on Bray.....yet. Tables Match (Women's Championship) Becky Lynch © vs Alexa Bliss Once again, now is not the time to get the belt off of Becky. Let Alexa season up some more. No Disqualification Match Nikki Bella vs Carmella Chairs Match Kalisto vs Baron Corbin Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match (WWE Championship) AJ Styles © vs Dean Ambrose Somehow, Ellsworth shows up and costs Ambrose the title. Either getting his ass beat by Ambrose or he becomes AJ's bitch.
  23. Super Mario Bros. 3. It's still awesome. Onward to Super Mario World.
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