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  1. I heard someone wanted a screen of the Arkham Knight and the Batman Beyond skin in a dual choke somewhere in the middle of the game. You're welcome.
  2. Decided to go back to Batman: Arkham Knight again.
  3. I'll bet that WCW/New Japan arena looks mind-blowing on the PS4. I would imagine about the same given that's Xbox one... You know what I meant.
  4. Back to Mario Kart 8 again. Need to get back into 200cc mode.
  5. I'll bet that WCW/New Japan arena looks mind-blowing on the PS4.
  6. The joysticks on my PS3 controllers are a little wonky or the face buttons are sticking. The buttons aren't a problem, but I need my joysticks to co-operate with me and not fight back when it comes to aiming. Which sucks cause I miss playing 3-man co-op online. It's awesome. Way better than dealing with Uncharted 2 forcing certain match conditions on you.
  7. All of the old SmackDown games from 2008 to 2012. I played them all one last time before I trade them all. Yeah I have too many games that I don't play anymore and I'm gonna get rid of them to make room for more Wii U and PS4 games in the near future..
  8. Did you ever do it? Not yet. And judging from the looks of things, it might not be possible. But I did come up with something else for The New Day instead. And I regret NOTHING.
  9. Have fun. WWE '13. Four videos shy of finishing. almost there.
  10. OH. Okay. Similar to how you do it with the Wii U. I've gotta give that a try.
  11. I've had my 3DS for 4 years and this is news to me. How do you do that?
  12. Just some quick matches I did whilst playing WWE '13 and 2K14 last night with my creations. WWE '13 WWE 2K14
  13. WWE 2K14. I'm almost through with the series of videos on YouTube with this game and several other older WWE games behind it. By the end of February I should be done.
  14. ^ My interest in this game peaked when I saw a demo of it. Hopefully it's good.
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