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  1. before they started pushing notstigia acts like the Rock to the moon I was being sarcastic honestly but you're right. 27 is when it all started to go downhill from there.
  2. ^ Uh, when was that again?
  3. Having a blast with LEGO Batman 2. I didn't realise how much fun the LEGO games were until I played LEGO Batman 3 and 100% it. Then LEGO Marvel Super Heroes which also got the same treatment.
  4. And here's the second half of it.
  5. Saints Row 3. Assassinating people and stealing vehicles, while being frustrated as all hell when
  6. Sounds like something Vince Russo would do. Looks like something Vince Russo would do. Yup. This is so Vince Russo.
  7. ^ The hell? Dude, that's nothing compared to a shootout with the police and rival street gang in Saints Row 3. Especially when you're near one of the stores and a bunch of saints are there to help you. Now that's just crazy.
  8. I still have this game on PS3. Come to think of it, I've been wanting to do a sequel to a top 10 PS3 games video I did in 2011. This might give me the motivation to get started on it.
  9. Axiom Verge. Just collecting what I missed in my first playthrough. Which was a lot apparently.
  10. Super Mario Maker. So addictive that game is, you have no idea. Whether playing levels designed by thousands of people or unlocking more items and game designs. Got a Wii U? Get this game.
  11. Hyrule Warriors. Got the crossbows for Linkle. She is a beast with those things. God damn. o__o
  12. Unfortunately I do remember the lights. And the PS3 WWE games make sure that you remember them sadly.
  13. Just completed Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. A great game to play.
  14. The second edition of Saturday Night's Main Event that I've done on my channel. Will upload the remaining parts here after I'm done on my end.
  15. Am I the only one that liked Pan? I'm being serious.
  16. I remember he beat Chris Benoit on a horrible PPV. AND he was the United States champion at one point. Someone also thought Orlando should've beaten JOHN CENA as well.
  17. Man was the Cold Darkness DLC pissing me off. Every time I attempt to beat it without dying, some random bulls**t happens that kills me and I rage quit. Was able to get it done later but never again.
  18. Ah there we go. Now it came back on. That was so weird for me. I wasn't able to log onto my PS3 or PS4 for 2 days. I'm more of an offline fanatic, but still. Hadn't had that happen to me since the 2011 hackings.
  19. Rise Of The Tomb Raider. Can't do much with PSN down.
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