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  1. My PS3 is about to die on me. Looking to get a new one, stat.

  2. My PlayStation 4: Batman Arkham Knight bundle has arrived. I can't wait.

  3. Layoffs suck. Too bad over 3K temporary Government workers (myself possibly included) might lose theirs by the end of March. They've started on Jan 31st, so here's hoping things go well for me and everyone else.

  4. Little Big Planet 2

    Dead Space 2

    Mortal Kombat


    4 new games for the PS3 that I want so bad along with others that have been nagging me for months like all 3 God of War games.

    All of the games I want plus Bayonetta which I reached Chapter 5 up until now (going slow while dying CONSTANTLY) are all on the edgy side. I think I'll get LBP2 tomorrow t...

  5. You should do an all-time greatest games of certain eras. That would be neat.

  6. Regarding the 1004 trophy. I saw on a thread that you did it.

    I want to be sure about this cause I did over 100 sigs and finishers in a ladder match just now. You can do these in multiple sittings as long as it's in the same match type?

    Damn, why didn't they add a stats section like the older games did?

  7. Rihanna as one of your top babes, eh?

    One of our homegrown stars is REALLY doing a lot for our country.

  8. Member of the week?

    I'm curious.

  9. Pretty good game, yes.

    HATE......HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE, the Noir levels.

  10. Yeah why aren't we is right?


  11. What? That fanart of Tenten?


  12. You realise that I need a LOT of confidence in myself if I ever decide to get Super Street Fighter 4.

    Hell I opted not to get No More Heroes 2 and Bayonetta today just so I can contemplate if I would get it. And then there's Galaxy 2 and ModNation Racers next month.

    Plus I couldn't stand how cheap Seth was in the original.

  13. You would definitely mop the floor with me in TvC.

    I still got Muramasa (Momohime's story), No More Heroes 1 and Resident Evil 4 to finish seeing as how I plan on playing A Crack In Time during Challenge and Hard Mode later.

    And before you ask, that game makes me wanna buy Going Commando AND Up Your Arsenal even more.

  14. Aw, I feel honored to be on the Members of Tomorrow.

    Looking forward to keeping that status in 2010.

  15. Mini Ninjas is pretty good if you like the humor style of games like this.

    But the lackluster combat engine really kills it for me.

  16. Yes, the original Sailor Moon is my no. 1 anime.

    Granted the poor English dubs got me into the series as a whole, the Japanese versions cemented the no. 1 spot.

  17. I prefer her Japanese name Hikari. Feels weird naming a girl by a popular bar of soap. :P

  18. Oye. FINALLY someone else on this site with a damn brain and maturity level over this whole Punk/Hardy nuisance.

    Sometimes I think Jeff's fanbase is more mature....which is kinda sad to say.

  19. SmackDown > All?

    Thumbs up my man.

  20. DoomBunny: Yeah those are the PPGs. There was an anime series on them, 2 seasons though. Nowhere the original one.

    D.A.N: Uh, thanks?

    And yeah, they're from the anime.

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