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  1. Just stick with 14 then. It will still have the entrance animations and the ability to create divas.
  2. It seemed very much like a game worth waiting for. If they couldn't wait to put out a game worth 60 dollars, then I'll wait until the 30 dollar game they made to get down to the right price. If you're in a big hurry, plenty of people are disappointed in the game. You can get it within a week at a local gamestop. It'll be 11 bucks lower if you have a power up pro card. I'm not in a hurry though. I'll rent it to check it out and then buy it on Live when it goes on sale with the DLC being discounted too. I'm excited about the improvements in game play I've heard about and like the modern roster. Edit a Superstar is a wish come true for moat of us. Created characters will finally not be compromised by the crotch blur. The fact they embraced the idea of importing logos is kind of mind blowing. So yeah, they crushed it on some long needed/wanted improvements and that excites me for the future of the series. But losing so much like entrance animations, tons of created options from Divas to moves, 75 created character slots and so much more is a big universal negative. And as a matter of opinion I'd really enjoyed the story modes the last few years. These showcases have potential to be great but none of the DLC really interests me so it's very limited at 2 story's to follow. Then you have what's said to be a shoddy career mode, and the single play non exhibition experience doesn't justify the price tag. So yeah, when I weigh it with the entertainment I'll get against the money I'll spend? Not happening at full retail.
  3. They will obviously want to make the money they will make selling the biggest name in the history of the business as an add on character. There's zero chance they won't release it.
  4. I don't mind the textures but I do miss transparency. Hopefully if they ever do implement it, it actually works. If you've tried EAs for UFC it didn't even work a little bit. It looks perfect in their soccer game and then in the UFC game it just gives you a generic created character with vaguely similar feature. If you did that system with say, Christian and Edge, you'd get the same guy at the end.
  5. Xbox Live has a sale going on where you can get WWE 2K14 for 29.99. I traded my disk to gamestop for 18 bucks plus change to Gamestop towards Watchdogs and picked up the digital downloadable game. I like this better as I enjoy playing occasional matches here and there so having it always available with no disk is nice. Plus I think I will be playing this game for a long time. 2K15 will likely be a big step backwards in features as is typical when we get a new generation of systems. Seemed like a good deal to me, so I thought I would share. Also, all the DLC is half off. I think Biker Taker is all I have left to get but I will pick that up too.
  6. That sucks. I am looking forward to that game and being able to share content would have been nice, but it is much less of an integral part of that gameplay experience than it is with a wrestling game.
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