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  1. Call of duty modern warfare 4 remastered I been playing the campaign almost done with it too. And lately I got into Madden 17 pretty good game last football game I played was back on the ps2 I think
  2. Aight akolatronico! lol

  3. ^^ ya cuz idk if they r gonna b in so i said that b cool if theyre in
  4. i hope theyre in. that would b cool
  5. si mano eso me tenia molesto pero ya estoy aki d nuevo ps estube guando call of duty 4 sin parar lol

  6. hey men my bad fue q mi compu se da~o y no me e conectao pol un monton d tiempo pera na loko q la q hay

  7. maybe a create an arena would be possible but it wount look right just get the place the triton screen and the ring that would be
  8. maybe in 7 or 10 years but it would cool
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