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  1. Is there away that the network will tell you which episodes you have completed watching? I hate the fact that I gotta remember where I left off sometimes
  2. I never played xv 1 so I thought this game was pretty legit guess that was a good thing
  3. After I downloaded the DLC I got them immediately. I'm currently going through Future Gohan's training. You might have to be a certain level, My guy is level 82.So I have a long way to go great. I had my guy lv 80 and now I'm lv 30. Stupid ps4 eject button problem had me reinstall the firmware and deleted all my save data
  4. Anybody know how to unlock the new mentors from the dlc?
  5. I know what you mean. I'm so use to Black's voice in Japanese that it sound weird hearing his English dub I know what you mean the first thing I did while playing xenoverse 2 was putting the voices in Japanese
  6. I hope they add the SSGS transformation as DLC for the saiyan race kinda sucks you can only transform to Ssj 3
  7. I started to work on the PQ since I'm on the Buu Saga right now. After those I'm start doing the big riff and masters and then I guess finish the main story. Get to level 60/70. I can't believe people are level 80 already gezz I'm barely level 44
  8. The game is dope imo I never played xenoverse 1 but I'm loving this game. Haven't touched Battlefield since this was released
  9. I can't wait to get off work to get this game already
  10. This Future Trunks arc is so good!! I can't wait till it's finish so I can re-watch it
  11. Call of duty modern warfare 4 remastered I been playing the campaign almost done with it too. And lately I got into Madden 17 pretty good game last football game I played was back on the ps2 I think
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