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  1. thanks, I didn't make it though.

  2. Just out of curisoity are bans on caws permanetly or what?

  3. lolbant.

    Think I can have that Eric Young? :D

  4. I was wondering if I could have made a request then and perhaps that could bump the topic back up.

  5. Are you still working on your Indy topic for svr 2011?

  6. Have you stopped your work on Darren Young?

  7. Whoa, thats cool. Makes me consider making

    caws again.

  8. So anyone can copy over a caw from 2010 to 2011 without problem?

  9. Does the PS2 version still have transparency for beards, and the ability to make your own skin color? Also if you make a 2010 caw on 2011 does it come out right? If it does I'd consider making caws for 2011.

  10. That's cool. If I had gotten the PS2 I would have helped make caws too like I did last year, but it would seem that that board is really dead for this year's game.

  11. You still caw making for the PS2?

  12. Its Nightwing. I found this on photobucket, and I would have responded earlier but I put notifications off because they piss me off here.

  13. Alright, if you could. I'd only like to see robert Roode though please.

  14. Your Beer Money caws what system is it for a is there a topic/picture that I can look at?

  15. Cool, I thought you didn't reply so I didn't see this. Any plans for Generation Me? Glad to hear about Joe not a lot of love for him this year.

  16. to the svr2011 section and contribute to some topics and get a feel how some of the members are like and how caws's community is, and sorry for this long speech.

  17. Well I think there is a option that once you edit the topic and going advance that it asks if you want to close it, or you could just let the topic die out, or have a mod close it. And I don't think that was a victory I should be proud of. We all start off noobish once we first go to a forum even I did (this wasn't my first forum). So to get to know the place better you should head off ...

  18. Do you have plans on any other TNA wrestler(s)?

  19. Pretty much. The PS2 version was only for current wwe wrestlers, and all I really need to do is make that Jimmy and Jey Uso thats on the home page, fix up my Michael Tarver, and I think I'll have one more slot to make SES Joey Mercury.

    Now that I got svr10 for 360 that will only be for TNA wrestlers since it has 50 caw slots which is enough for the whole roster.

  20. character limit, and the coloring of some things are weird. Like you have to go to the red section if you want green or orange/yellow to get blue. arms/wrists 1 only goes half way down so if you want to use a short one you have to go down a bit and use an already short one where you cannot adjust the length. There's more, but basicly you just have to get use to it.

  21. Thanks man. Maybe as a present you could exclusively give me a Justin Gabriel face form before anyone else :P

    I see you asked paiman below that you wanted to see his works on 360, I also own the 360 version and wanted you to know that the caw mode for 360 is most likely going to be very hard for you to get used to. In fact one of things that I rarely see now are people using face paint.

  22. I found that our intrests are almost the same is pretty funny.

    Video Games, Girls, Exercising, superhero cartoons, wrestling


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