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  1. which brainbuster works best as the spinning brainbuster Peyton Royce did a few weeks back on Raw? Brainbuster 2 or the Spinning Brainbuster? also has anyone heard if that's her new finish from now on or just something she was trying out?
  2. ok and hopefully the objectives are for fun and you don't have to rely on the x amount of stars per match to boost up prestige or I'd still be screwed right now haha. I'm having trouble with the Riott Squad Gauntlet Tower how do I beat it? I can beat all 3 members but it doesn't do the 3/3 Matches thing like for the first 2 Easy Towers.
  3. Ok so I don't have to re play the MyPlayer story to unlock the stuff? cause I kinda have 2 (now just one) MyPlayer stories going but both wrestlers for each story have different style of wrestler: Technical for the one I completed and Cruiserweight for the 2nd one I started.
  4. which MyPlayer towers: the Daily, PPV, Weekly or the tower collection ones (the ones with the Easy, Normal, Hard and Legend levels)?
  5. I completed one of my 2 MyPlayer stories (different styles of wrestlers) but only got up to Titan status. do I need to complete it with a certain type of wrestlers or is there a way to get to Immortal and unlock all attires and things?
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