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  1. Nice to see Matt Hardy has allowed Sonya Deville to take his gimmick for the night... "Ah! I'd knew you come, Sister Broken Deville!"
  2. Yeah, it's good to be back on here honestly especially with all the renewed interest in professional wrestling again in North America.
  3. Asuka has one of the best theme songs in recent memory and Baron Corbin is by far the greatest heel for WWE since Vickie Guerrero and The Miz.
  4. Maria as a heel is really quite impressive. I love this dynamic duo relationship between her and Ali.
  5. Holy crap lol. In some parts though, it kinda fits. But I would have NEVER thought they'd use that for an Undertaker match, just....so....weird.
  6. Hybrid Undertaker from 2004-present has had some GREAT moments, that he couldn't do in the 1990's. The "Hells Gate" finisher being debuted on Smackdown 2008, was just amazing. It felt like a legitimate finisher in an era where risks were being less and less taken. The short "ministry" return angle with JBL, Viscera and Gangrel and where Undertaker sacrificed Orlando Jordan, are pretty good. And of course his legendary return at WrestleMania 20 with Paul Bearer then when he took the hat off, he still had the ABA/Big Evil headband which made it even more epic.
  7. Why does it appear to be that Brock had a much younger face here than he does now? I know he aged but his face in that video reminds me of a 2002-2004 Brock Lesnar.
  8. In WWE? No.In Japan? Impossible not to. WrestleMania 21. He just threw Big Show out of the sumo ring like it was nothing. Remember "Cain" The Undertaker?
  9. Where are those Undertaker pictures coming from? Great resolution on them, whomever posted them .
  10. Did anyone see the video of them playing USF4? Got so much more respect for these dudes for showing they too, can hang.
  11. Who is Triple HHH? *I'm joking.....maybe.*
  12. Edit: Never mind. I had to refresh my browser in order to pick up the image. I feel bad for those kids because they seem really excited to be standing next to someone who they THINK is the real deal.
  13. Your posts in general are pretty cringey Funny how you of all people who claim that my posts are "cringey". Because I don't kiss your ass and agree with your opinions? Get out of here with that. *cringes* EDIT: Sorry, had to No, you didn't.
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