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    "The Immotal" Hulk Hogan
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    Classic RB
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    Family guy, WWE
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  1. Yeah, it's good to be back on here honestly especially with all the renewed interest in professional wrestling again in North America.
  2. Asuka has one of the best theme songs in recent memory and Baron Corbin is by far the greatest heel for WWE since Vickie Guerrero and The Miz.
  3. I am quite happy that you have stopped yourself from destroying yourself forever. You are valuable and so happy that you are still here with us.
  4. He did a really good job announcing for that Cross/Asuka match.
  5. Did I miss a PPV tonight or is it next week?
  6. ......... All of my predictions minus two, were wrong.
  7. Sometimes I miss the World Heavyweight Championship.
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