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  1. Too soon Dammit i was thinking the same thing lol. Poor guy im glad he wasnt in that much pain at least. That picture made that shit look brutally painful. I thought the exact same thing as you two.
  2. Awesome! Time for Stone Cold to break loose and "Raise Some Hell."
  3. What have they done to accomidate big guys facing smaller guys? Anytime of weight detection or alternate moves like in the past?
  4. So using Deep Six by Manson as my entrance music.
  5. First thing that ECW arena is amazing, I am hoping in CAA by adding the crowd it gives that style of look and amount of people.I want to make a small Indy Fed. So the smaller the crowd and the less frills the better. Less than a week to go!
  6. I actually like this idea. Though it would be a shame we couldn't have things like IF CM Punk stayed with the company. Have Wrestler's return Like Jeff Hardy. Though it's an interesting concept.
  7. I notice many people (Including me don't care for Terminator as a pre-order incentive. What would of been more to your own liking? Within realistic possiblity. Mine would be an ECW Arena and WCW Monday Night Nitro Arena. Side question so I don't need to start a new topic. Do you think they will have small ECW sized arenas in CAA? Or is NXT the smallest size?
  8. I dislike that the story mode always makes you a stereotype black guy. Voice wise anyway. Making a player and having him act and talk so out of character is unapealing. With it being a Spike Lee Joint, I am guessing your family is black no matter what.
  9. "Ah yes, Reapers." Mass Effect 2 “C-c-c-combo breaker!” Killer Instinct
  10. I love the direction 2K are headed, but they need another year to actually get there, IMO. So hopefully 2K15 sells well enough so I may buy 2K16.
  11. Thanks E#37. I will wait for the reviews and videos before I buy like usual.
  12. As long as Visual Concepts keeps working next gen which is technically current gen (Xbox One/PS4/PC) I am happy. I know 2K16 will probably be sold on last gen again as it's still a big market, and from a business side of things makes sense so far. From a Consumer side I want Next Gen Only, but yea.
  13. Looks pretty good, I love the direction 2k is taking it. Making it a wrestling sim, instead of a fighting game. Though a few things may make me wait for another year of production from 2k. Can we Create an Arena? How many Caws Can we Make? How do we use Custom Music on Consoles/Can We? Do we really have Community Creation Restrictions on downloads? How smooth is the final gameplay, and what other secrets are they hiding? (I mean the studio was a huge pipebomb of greatness) The pros are the face scans/studio, and allowing you import any graphics you want. I play offline so this is more than I could ever ask for from them. I just miss being able to have males fight females. Maybe if I buy it on PC a mod will allow it? Either way 2k is a step forward, and I look forward to them and Visual concepts making the future of wrestling games.
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