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  1. Which system are you playing on?Xbox Enjoy! I just bought it through that big E3 sale, is the online still active?
  2. Mega Man Legacy Collection (Switch) DOOM (Switch) Detroit Become Human
  3. Havent played a JRPG since I finished Persona 5 last year so ive been playing Ni No Kuni 2.. ehh the game sucks tbh
  4. Hows Battlefront 2 with the new progression system? I ordered it two nights ago from Amazon hoping I wont be disappointed.
  5. Dark Souls II Pokèmon Ruby Kirby Mass Attack
  6. Just finished Shadow of the Colossus for the first time, what a fantastic game
  7. Golf Story Steamworld Dig 2 I love playing indies on my Switch
  8. Dead By Daylight Yakuza: Kiwami Call of Duty WWII
  9. Just finished Wolfenstein II The New Colossus. It was phenomenal. If you want a single player focused FPS without it being bogged down with bullshit microtransactions and map packs. Go buy this game!
  10. Been chipping away at Persona 5 just hit September... Might be the best JRPG i've ever played.
  11. I was gonna get that trilogy but went with the Jak and Daxter one instead. Blew through the first one. The second one was a love-hate thing with me. The third was all right. I haaaated Jak II the check point system in that game drove me damn near crazy. & Shindol is right, a 128gb SD card is essential its the first thing I bought with my Switch.
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