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    Shawn Michaels
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    Guns n Roses, Kiss, The Killers, MCR, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Poison, Aerosmith, Steel Panther, ACDC and many more
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    Lifting weights, bodybuilding, wrestling, video games, movies, concert, photography, playing with my 3 dogs and spending time with my family and friends.
  1. For those who are still interested I just released my WWE2K14 Best of Save. Updated video and info in the first post. I hope you all enjoy and would love to read some feedback after you check out the save. Enjoy the save and enjoy the show tonight! Happy Wrestlemania Day! Chris
  2. Great job bud! I'll be attending TNA a lot this spring starting Sunday with Lockdown. If I meet Storm I haven't forgotten about ya and will get you an autograph.
  3. Yea I hope Chris does as far as bobby goes it doesn't really matter if he got himself banned from here My ban was removed Monday Hahahahah I went out of my way to be nice to him and after his ban DM'ed him on twitter with all the details. I was unfollowed for my kindness due to my association I suppose with the evil WhatsTheStatus lol sorry guys I'm a Status Guy!
  4. I'm enjoying these setting and think it has improved the quality of matches. Thank you for posting this.
  5. I have so many live accounts just send it my way I'll post it and take the ban for the team.
  6. I occasional look at this topic to see anybody else has been banned and see a lot of postings from people speculating on some of the stuff I posted such as users unknowingly being banned for downloading things they weren't aware of being hacked or rendered. I have no idea if the representative I spoke to at 2K was blowing smoke or not but that is in fact what he told me.
  7. Looks great bud. If you get me the file I'll reup with a render again. Is the one under D0gcancer still on CC?
  8. With the release of Pur3's save editor I should be wrapping up this save very soon.
  9. Claye I hit ya up on twitter with an idea to run by you for EC3.
  10. First off no need to get all up and tight about it. Second if some asks you should see it as a compliment. Anyway with that being said keep up the good work can't wait to see the rest of the stuff you put up. I started following you on twitter so I don't bug you with my enthusiasm for your work. Tone doesn't always come across in texts or written in an online blog/forum post. It was written as an informative post not uptight. capesh
  11. I'll say this once and only once. I currently got banned for posted rendered caws for 2 weeks. (See my topic FAQ on being banned in the WWE2K14 talk portion of the forum) I have 8 other live accounts I can post from but want to wait till I have a bunch of stuff to post all at once to make it worth being banned each time I do an upload. Currently I have Wolfgang's Sting, Birdsolution's Mason Ryan, SMK's Roode, Storm, Daniels & Kaz all ready to upload to CC. I will be informing people what user search tag to lookup on CC each time on do uploads via my twitter. If the main board creators want stuff up they need to send me their reuploadable files/save dat files so I can do it for them. The only holdup on my save is I can't texture a few caws by Slipfan as my program won't load them. As soon as he helps me the save is done and will be released. So, with that being said don't pester me as you now know what the hold ups are.
  12. Like I said I have 8 Xbox live accounts I can use to post from plus a 2nd personal account so fear not.
  13. It has nothing to do with giving credit I assure you of this. Read the FAQ I posted as that is information directly from senior IT representative at 2K.
  14. Anything made from an external source... Texture or render.
  15. Heres the deal as it relates to the bans that are happening throughout the WWE2K14 community directly from 2K Support at 1-866-922-8693. There are 3 main ways one can get banned from WWE2K14: 1. Posting or using a hacked moveset. Even if you unknowingly downloaded a hacked moveset you will be banned. Lets say for example SMK gave me a caw with a hacked moveset and then I upload it to CC. First off I will be banned and then every user who downloaded or reuploaded that caw will be banned. Knowingly or unknowingly it doesnt matter you will be banned 2. You post or download anything with a Nazi logo or with hate speech example being the N word on a t-shirt 3. Rank boosting. I had to ask the representative what that even means Lets say you have two Xbox live accounts and you log into both accounts just so you can win on one and lose on the other over and over and over again. Finally the 4th and not so common way to be banned. UPLOADING ANYTHING TO CC THAT IS A TEXTURE MADE WITH AN OUTSIDE PROGRAM AND THIS INCLUDES RENDERS! I had a lengthy conversation with the representative (at least 45 mins) I asked him to explain why adding a render would be bad as I can wrap my head around hacked movesets and how that will be bad as it will lead to cheating and ruining the online experience for others but a render only adds a level of realism to a caw and doesnt affect gameplay. The way it was explained to me is even by just adding a render you are hacking the game and putting untested code into the severs that they have no idea how it will effect game play. Basically he compared it to a virus. Bans happen typically on Saturdays and 99.9% of the time are not for lifetime they are for two weeks and then you can get back online. Usually only repeat offenders get the lifetime ban. I asked the representative if somebody can just make up a erroneous false claim and get somebody banned and I got a flat out NO as a response to that question. You need to post a picture proving that somebody is cheating or doing something bad online in order for them to get banned. Why do I know all of this.??? I got banned Feb 15th for two weeks. I have 8 Xbox live accounts on my Xbox as all my friends who come over and play Call of Duty leave their username ID and password live on my xbox at all times so even if my ban was for months I can still get online. Not to mention I have a 2nd personal account so I have nothing to worry about but for those that dont have the ban backup plan like I do fear not the ban is probably only for 2 weeks. My friends all do not play WWE2K14 so if they were to get banned they could care less. Future postings will come from those accounts and you will be alerted by twitter as to which user account to search on CC once things have been posted. I hope this has helped answer all of the questions everybody is having. Chris
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