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  1. romalis ventura ☆ fresh We're doing a catch-up, and taking a break from those exclusives since Marcus got me postin' to help the quantity. Romalis was currently chilling in an ice bath, something he'd gotten used to by now, and was rather happy with his recovery this week. Following his victory over Elias, Romalis found himself to be a little more beat up than usual. Was it because of something Elias had done differently? Not at all. Rome just felt as if he had been putting off recovery in a bid to reach the peak of his game. This week would be spent playing catch-up on that, letting his body relax and mend. Right now he was in a private gym facility that he paid an extortionate monthly fee for, switching in ten minute intervals between a hot tub and an ice bath. It was a process that wold be most effective after a training session, or a match, but Romalis found it relaxing and always felt good afterwards. As he sat and pondered the upcoming match against Owen Young, he relayed a schedule for himself prior to Wednesdays show. Days would continue as they were for now, with Romalis spending alot of time resting his body and generally taking a break, and Tuesday he would hit the gym once more for some real prep. Even then, the session he wanted would not be too intense. He knew the dangers when it came to lack of preparation, especially against someone as crafty as Young, but limiting his chances this week for a bigger chance at success in Japan was certainly worth it. This was especially since Romalis considered this match to be the least important of this three-part challenge series, with no real point to prove against Young. If the run was to be believed, Romalis would find himself against Aiden Connolly next week, in a match where he could prove his dominance against someone who had previously beaten half the roster to become Invitational Champ.
  2. PRO EXCLUSIVE; ROMALIS INTERVIEW! "You got that thing rolling yet?" The infamous voice of television host and internet personality Joe Rogan seemed to echo within the rather empty halls of Universal Studios. The star and man behind the wildly successful JRE podcast would look back and forth, a set worker slapping him on the shoulder as he wandered past, preparing for the show. "Hey Joe, they got ya on interviews now, huh?" Joe smiled. "How ya doin' man... Nah, just things went a little sour for Faye last time, with the Ventura's... So just this one, as far as I know anyway man..." A nod of approval from the worker would see him wander by, Joe turning back to the camera with an expression of distress. The wait was irritating him, in a role he wasn't the happiest, but it would all be stopped as Romalis made himself known. He reached the area, suited with a burgundy three-piece, slim fit. This eccentric outfit was topped off with his trademark chain, a fresh shape-up with a curve through the middle of his hair and finally pair of blacked-out aviators. With one hand in his pocket, the other would remove the shades before slipping them into his jacket pocket and then extending. A heavy handshake between Romalis and Joe would last a few seconds as the two made their greetings. "What's the deal, no Alessia tonight?..." Romalis would laugh, his right hand placed on the back of his own neck in slight embarrassment. "Haaaa... Dude, I just thought it might be best that she and Faye ain't seein' eachother for awhile, y'know?!" "Absolutely!" "She'll be here, but later." "Alright Ro'... Yo, we ready for this?" A nod from behind the camera would give Joe the go-ahead, brief interview time. "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here alongside one of four contenders to the SupremePRO Grand Championship, and we're well on the road to PRO: Tokyo. Romalis, last week you scored what was arguably the biggest win of your career, toppling one of PRO's biggest stars in Shawn Hunter. Just how was that for you?" Rogan would lean the microphone towards Ventura, and Romalis would take a little time to digest the question before answering. "Y'know, that 'W' was a little bit of a relief fo' ya boy Rome! I knew what Hunter could do, and I'd be lyin' if I said he didn't have me sweatin' on it for the week prior! I knew that a loss could mean I wasn't gettin' that ticket to Japan, and I knew that another chance lost would just push me further down... So gettin' that? That was huge, no lie... After Toronto, ya'boy didn't have a lot of credibility anymore, y'know? It was like I was lettin' it slip, and even though in my head I shoulda had that title around my waist, I got knocked off again the week after, so-" Rogan would pull the microphone back to himself, Ventura stopping as he noticed. "And yeah, speaking of Toronto, there's been alot of talk about the controversy! Like, ALOT of talk! Speaking now, man to man, you don't seem to have changed, but this audience certainly has taken a little bit of a turn on their stance towards you... What do you have to say to that?..." Romalis leaned in once more. "Yeah man, Rome's got alot of people sayin' that I've 'turned heel', or switched and shown my back to the fans, but if you're thinking that- like, were you ever even a fan o' mine?! Rome ain't changed, I've always remained true. I ain't one to tiptoe around controversy, so I let everyone know what I thought of it! I took Lancer out and he had to vacate that title, so if we wanna make sense of that? You give the title to the man who saw him outta the door! In my head, it makes sense, but everyone these days has an opinion, and there ain't nothin' I can do 'bout that..." Rogan would nod his head before bringing the microphone back. "Well, that's in the past now, and going forward you HAVE found your way into this Grand Championship match! Obviously, for you, that's great news. However, your inclusion in the match has drawn alot of criticism, especially after you lost the initial qua-" Ventura would pull the microphone towards himself gently, but with enough force to stop Joe. "I did not lose that match, Joe. I was merely s-" The microphone would be pulled back. "You did lose that match, Romalis. It's a match where this one winner and three losers, you can't argue a-" And back. "But who was pinned, huh?... Joe, I ain't been pinned since I was snappin' Lancer's arm in half! I didn't lose that match, I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but BELIEVE ME! If it was just me and Owen in the ring that night, one-on-one?! Dude wouldn't be in the position to be protesting! He can't handle me one-on-one, and that's a fact! If we wanna talk undeserving title shots, then how bout we kick out the dude who had about, what? Twelve?! Twelve chances against Lancer before? Only ever got it done once, and then lost it four days later. Just another hater, who wants to petition me out of this match, before I have a chance to beat him to that big grand title! Bunch'a bitch boys!" Rogan would bring the microphone back to himself. "Well, I was just going to speak more on their criticisms, because it's not just been you on the bad end of these protests! Obviously Alessia, who's not here right now, has been subject of ALOT of criticism too! What's your response to that?" Romalis would tilt his head back, releasing an obnoxious laugh before glaring back at Joe. "I mean, need I add to the back of my last statement?... BITCH. BOYS. I mean, me and Alessia been here for a few months, and neither of us changed a bit! Where was that criticism from Owen when I was losin' on the undercard? Where was the complainin' from Aiden when I was on the bottom of the pile?! THERE AIN'T NONE! Not a peep from either man, and that's cause I wasn't at their doorstep yet! Me and Alessia weren't a factor before, but now? Suddenly I'm in their faces, SUDDENLY Rome is a THREAT, and that scares both of them! Both of them sweatin', because they both know that Rome is the decider in Tokyo! Because I DECIDE when that match ends! I DECIDE how they are left! and I DECIDE when- not if, but WHEN, I want to walk out with that Grand title! A title that should already be sittin' round this waist!" Joe would nod his head, looking to close this out soonish. "Finally, let's talk about Elias Laveaux! Because with the frontrunner Aiden Connolly, the protests from Owen and the controversy with you; Elias has been very quiet in all of this! He's your opponent for tonight, what are your thoughts on him?" Romalis would chuckle again. "Damn right he's quiet, and it better stay that way. You wanna talk like I'm the controversial one? This kid's whole qualifier was a controversy! He qualified for this by beating myths! I mean come on, Joe! You want me to take this dude seriously?!" "Well I mean, he is your opponent f-" "Rhetorical question, Joey! Elias Laveaux is a joke, except you don't laugh at the punchline, you just kinda cringe... It says alot when the dudes biggest win was last week, when he overcame successes such as Jacob Cass! Meanwhile, Romalis EARNED his shot, because I decimated the LEGENDARY Shawn Hunter one-on-one and did it all on my own. Infact, y'know what? I deserve this shot, and I deserve it more than anyone in this match! Come Tokyo, Rome's gonna show the world that I am for real, and the culture shock's gonna come for the men and women who always claimed that I didn't deserve it! Connolly and Young gon' find out real soon what I'm about, but tonight? Tonight Elias is gonna feel what it's like to be against a real superstar! Not a dude who shaves half his face, or a seven foot tall cokehead! You ain't fightin' a parody tonight, boy, and I'm gonna show you up! You ain't grand title material, and I'll prove to everyone just how far away you really are! You gon' find out that the 'sixx shot cylinder' ain't nothin' against the kid with the one-shot kill! Make sure you ready, punk, otherwise we might be makin' Tokyo a triple threat!" Romalis would step back, Rogan's eyes wide as if he was half-offended, but half-entertained as he turned back towards the camera, the image fading to black as we see Rogan leave the scene aswell.
  3. PRO EXCLUSIVE; THE VENTURA SITUATION! Despite another grand edition of SupremePRO airing this Wednesday, a show that ended on an explicit show-stealing cage match, many fans on the ball would realise that the advertised Ventura sit-down interview had been either removed-from or left from the show. A behind the scenes exclusive would look to clear up any questions left unanswered, with the scene opening on the fresh-faced Faye Evans, who sat in a directors chair with a radio in her hand. Brief mumbles would be responded to by her, the tone of her voice sounding rather rushed. "And no sign of them anywhere?!... We have rehearsals in twenty minutes, and you expect me to grab some sort of exclusive in that window? Nuh-uh! I-" Faye would stop herself, pushing the radio away from her face before taking a deep, therapeutic breath inwards. The exhale would be followed by a loud sigh, as Faye massaged her temple in a feeble attempt to find some serenity. It was all about to be short-lived however, as the voice on the other end of the radio would send a message through. "Alessia Ventura is on set. I repeat, Alessia is on set. Heading your way, Faye." Evans would roll her eyes, picking the radio up with a grimace. "No sign of Romalis?" A pause would again be followed by a muffled response. "No Romalis, Faye. Alessia stepped out of the car on her own, and said car has made its way from the pick-up point." Faye would look rather bewildered, and began to send another transmission. "We told them the right time, right? And we said it was to be with both of them?... Either someone's made a mistake, or they're fucking with us. Either way, get someone to send a coffee down here. I'm parched with all of this fucking waiting." "Will do Faye." As Faye Evans slouched back in the directors chair, about to pull her phone from her jacket pocket, the clicking of high-heeled boots would be simultaneous with the arrival of a certain Alessia Ventura, who would begin clapping her hands as she spoke, announcing herself in the most obnoxious way imaginable. "And not only that, but they couldn't even get someone credible in for this, huh?!" Faye would watch as Alessia came to a stop a few feet from her, still standing so her head was out of the main shot. "Uh, excuse me Alessia?!" Alessia would simply lift her hand, showing her palm to Faye as she signalled for silence from the new voice of SupremePRO. "Nuh-uh! I don't wanna hear it! Who da' hell are you, anyway?! They didn't even know Rome ain't comin', and yet they still were gonna set him up with the BOTTOM BITCH of the interview team, SOMEONE'S PLAYIN'!" Alessia would slam her hands onto her own hips as she measured up the sitting Faye, a scowl covering Ventura's face. "This lil' interview that you got set up?! Ain't happenin' hun, not today! See, when we agreed to this time, we were thinkin' of somethin' a little higher class, n'am sayin'?! Like what we got?... You sittin' in a ten buck chair with a curtain on a string, and you thinkin' this was gonna satisfy my husband and me?! NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! But hell, we didn't even know it was gon' be like this, so maybe you'da caught us in a trap and we'd have both powered through! But you done ruined it before we even stepped in this joint! PRO tryna' cut us out to be somethin' we ain't, and what for?! HUH?! You got nothin' to say, Faye?! Or what, you just gon' act like you had nothin' to do wit' it?!" Evans would hold her hands up in a surrendering fashion, speaking from behind them. "Alessia, I have no idea wha-" "DON'T TRY PLAY ME, GUUUURL! WHO YOU NAMIN' A 'BAD INFLUENCE', HUH?!" Faye's eyes would grow wide as she recalled the title, and immediately pushed herself backwards into her chair. "Okay, yes, that was me! But- B- But I was only trying to make it interesting, it was nothing personal! I swe-" "NOTHIN' PERSONAL, MY ASS! Whole fuckin' roster back here got somethin' personal 'gainst me and Rome, and none o' you gon' do anythin' about it! Look at 'chu, pathetic cowerin' ass! What's wrong, huh?! Lil' bit scary when the girl you tryna' roast is infront of you, ain't it?!" Alessia leaned forward, a spiteful grin covering her mug. "HUH?! Ain't so tough now, BOTTOM BITCH?! WHAT'CHU GON' DO, BOTTOM BITCH?! WHO GON' BE THE BAD INFLUENCE WHEN I KICK YO' TEETH DOWN, HUH?! IT'S GON' BE THE GIRL WHO GONE GOT ME TRIPPIN' WITH SOME FAKE-ASS STORY! FUCK YO' INTERVIEW!" Alessia would take a step back and twist, as if she was going to leave, but a lightbulb would seem to flash in the corner of her eye as she spun back around, a little more twisted in her composure now. "You know what'chu gon' do, Faye?... Huh?... You know what'chu gon' do! Look at dat camera right there..." Faye would twist her head, her eyes visibly red as it seemed like tears were forming in her eyes. "You gonna say that you a BOTTOM BITCH, and that you very sorry to Sia and Rome... Aight?" A gulp from Faye was followed by silence, forcing Alessia to draw her arm back and form a fist. "AIGHT?!" Faye would cover up, quivering as she watched the camera, her mouth opening. "I-... I'm-" Alessia would bring her hand open, SLAPPING downwards into Faye Evans' cheekbone before using the same hand to grip the cheeks of the interviewer. Her cat-like fake nails would dig into the skin, as Alessia glared into the camera with her. "Tell 'em, Faye! Tell 'em what you is! TELL 'EM WHAT YOU IS, BEFORE I MAKE YOU TELL 'EM..." Faye would have tears rolling from her eyes by now, and would force her words out through the grip of Alessia. "I'm a bottom bi-... bitch..." Alessia would release the hold now, standing over her once more. "...and what else, huh?... Make it sincere, girl..." Faye would gulp once more, turning to Alessia and looking her in the eyes. "I'm s-sorry..." With that, Alessia would burst into a cackle, laughing as she snapped into a strut and walked away, leaving a mentally tormented Faye to sit and take in that whole situation. "Dumb fuckin' white bitch, who da'fuh she think she is!" The interviewer would be consoled by those behind the camera, but would burst into tears as the camera faded to black.
  4. bad influence? the woman behind the fresh prince Alessia Ventura, the name quickly becoming a renowned problem within SupremePRO. Initially introduced as the flashy and eccentric wife of in-ring competitor Romalis Ventura, Alessia was subdued and rather sheepish to begin with. Now the situation couldn't be more different, with Alessia earning more recognition than the high-flying Fresh Prince of SupremePRO. Sia, as she likes to be known, is trending and loves it, whether it be for the wrong or the right reasons. Fans have noticed however that the increased fame leading to certain changes within the Ventura relationship. The once slick and peppy Romalis has become a shadow of his former self; increasingly quiet, taking guidance from Sia and taking shortcuts. The biggest change would be Romalis' refusal to accept any wrongdoing for the horrific injury to former Grand Champion Nicholas Lancer, and instead the contender seemed rather proud of his handywork. With his lack of acknowledgement for his pay-per-view loss, and taking pride in the misfortune of a champion, Romalis seems to have turned a corner within PRO. With the fresh attitude comes a flurry of questions for the duo, and PRO's own Faye Evans will attempt to resolve some of these in an exclusive sit-down interview with Romalis and Alessia, airing on this Wednesday's edition of SupremePRO. Be sure to tune in.
  5. romalis ventura ☆ fresh "So what! I don't care who the boy is, 'cause it don't matter who they puttin' infront of you, B! You the best there is, ain't no doubt 'bout it, so don't be frettin' bout opponents! The only thing holdin' y'all back is yourself, and once you get over that?... Once you get over acceptin' there ain't no-one better, that you the best, then we gonna be cookin' baby..." Romalis would glare intensely at the gym mat infront of him, beads of sweat occasionally landing on the surface of it as RV took a pause during a tough workout. Alessia would be encouraging him, looking to light a fire in her husband before the impending contendership match this Wednesday. Romalis would stand and nod his head, stepping up to a punching bag before throwing a high right, quickly followed by a low left and a right leg kick. A small roar from Romalis would follow as he stepped backwards, smashing his knuckles together. "And that how easy it's gonna be, trust me! This Hunter ain't nothin' but a slow white boy who ain't gonna be able to stop that! He might see it comin', but by the time he does it's already too late! You're gonna put him down, and then hell, maybe we don't want that grand title anymore! Maybe we wanna aim higher, y'know wha' I'm sayin?! He ain't nothin'! Now, again!" Romalis would turn back around, driving a knee into the bag as his arms wrapped around it, more knees being driven upwards into the plastic. Prep had begun.
  6. With the show in full flow, the feint hum of Tyler Morgan's theme music playing in another part of the arena would set the scene. A handheld camera would walk through the halls, and come face-to-face with a man and woman duo walking towards him. Romalis and Alessia were the obvious faces, Romalis nursing his lower back as he stumbled along, taking a brief pause to rest by propping himself up against a crate. Alessia would stand infront of him, towering over him in her heels, offering words of comfort that didn't seem to help much. The camera would approach the duo, Alessia stepping forwards and attempting to block the path to Romalis, before Ventura himself would stand and insist on the quick interview. "Romalis, tonight sees you come up short in your hunt to gain what Alessia claimed 'should already be yours', your thoughts at this time?" Romalis would think for a moment before turning his attention to the man behind the camera. "My thoughts? Right now, I'm thinking that I just put alot of effort into something that should already be a formality. SupremePRO, you know I'm a good guy and you know I ain't one to throw shade at any man. Owen Young won tonight, and he deserved to win, but you know what else? For the second time a row, Romalis didn't lose! Tonight, Young didn't push my shoulders down, no way!" Alessia nodded her head, still slightly irritated that the man was getting an interview from Romalis. "And on Sunday, it might have seemed like I got put down, but who's here tonight?! What man is fit to continue?! God knows it ain't Lancer, cause I put him out! Owen Young?" "Nope." "Aiden Connolly?" "Nuh-uh!" "Nah, I did it! ME! I put that boy on the shelf, so these contender matches, they shouldn't even be a factor for your boy Romalis!" Romalis would turn to the camera lens, making eye contact as if he wanted to talk to someone specifically. "Brian Church! Rome knows you only just got the keys to this whip, so I understand you gon' have a lot goin' on, but hear this! I am two nights undefeated and I put your Grand Champ on the shelf! It ain't a hard decision! You owe me that Grand Championship shot, or you can let me prove it AGAIN! No multi-man shit, no outside factors, let me prove this against ANYONE that YOU GOT, ONE-ON-ONE! Anyone you got who you think would get my name into the fold, and then set that up! Let me show you what you're missing, cause right now? This Grand Championship match in Tokyo, it ain't ever gonna be legitimate until you let your boy, the kid with the big chain and the tall hair, the Fresh Prince Romalis Ventura into that fold! I'll be waiting..." Romalis would nod his head to the camera lens, and then to the man holding it before exiting the scene. "Now scram, boy! Ain't wantin' you stickin' round us no more! Rome ain't built in a day, but you best be sure that when you hear him next, you'll be callin' him champ! Count on it!" Alessia would then follow on, catching up to Romalis rather quickly as he hobbled down the hall.
  7. Romalis earns himself a premier league move.
  8. Romalis cruyff turns Brian Church.
  9. "N'awwww B! Can't you see we ain't down for this right now?! Romalis just here to do a job tonight, ain't no mindset to be talkin' smack right now, yeah?!" The cameraman had tried to intercept the husband and wife duo of Romalis and Alessia Ventura. As Romalis kept on walking, wearing a hoodie that he'd thrown over his head upon exiting the car, Alessia would take a dislike to the manner of the potential exclusive and allow her husband to continue into the arena. She would square up to the camera and almost entirely cover the lens with her close-up face, explicit words being verbally thrown at the man behind the video. "Listen up here, yeah?! Me and Romalis ain't happy 'bout what happened on Sunday! Not one bit, but we ain't here to apologise, no way! Lancer wanted to poke the bear, and the grizzly tore his arm to shreds! That's just the rule of the jungle, baby, so Romalis ain't gonna give you the time of day if you're lookin' for some kinda 'scoop', right?!" Alessia would look to brush beyond the camera, but finally a voice would emerge from behind it to stop her in her tracks. "Alessia, many people are claiming that Romalis has no business in this match tonight after the brutal injury, what's your response to that?" Alessia would snap back to face the man with her eyes wide, marching to the camera once more. "Listen baby, Romalis too humble to say this outloud, but I'ma say it for both of us! If Lancer ain't built to continue his reign, then y'all shouldn't even be havin' this event tonight! Sure, Nicky mighta got the three count, but who the real winner?! HUH?! Who's here tonight!? As far as I'm concerned, the man that takes out the champion IS the champion! Forget Romalis being labelled undeserving for your reasons. He is undeserving of being in this match in the first place! He did what no-one else did, and put a stop to a reign of dominance! Forget HOW, and forget WHY, the bottom line reads that Romalis put the Grand Champ on the shelf! He took Lancer to the edge, and the weak ass 'Heisman' SNAPPED under the pressure. To us? Romalis is the champ right now. Tonight, he'll just back that up again, whether it be the 'right' way..." Alessia would lean in, a sadistic smirk showing a glimpse of her impressively white teeth. "...or our way." With that, a throw of the shoulder would see Alessia twist her body and strut away from the scene, her pace quicker than usual to make ground up and catch her husband.
  10. I wouldn't know, to be honest. I made this face in like November, and have wiped my computer since. It's probably easy to find, though.
  11. romalis ventura ☆ fresh Legit, my first post in about eleven weeks. God bless the three beautiful people that took this RPG away from me, I feel free. Romalis Ventura was on the cusp of greatness, at least in his opinion. He would step into the ring against the man who had been at the forefront of his attention for weeks on end. Was it personal? Not until last week, where Nicky decided to put his hands on Alessia. Before that, it was strictly business. Now for Romalis, Toronto was a stage to accomplish two tasks; Taking that title, and teaching Lancer some lessons in respect. This Wednesday, the two would step into the ring one last time before Canada, on the same team. The sick-minded individuals at the top had decided to pair them up, looking to further stir the pot, and Romalis would look to keep his cool on Wednesday and ensure victory. It wouldn't be easy, but Ventura wanted momentum and that could be accomplished by getting a fall. Right now, he was doing what anyone with his kind of aspirations would be doing. Prep work. His trainers had lined up a training camp, with opponents that wrestled in Lancer's style, and opponents that matched his odd physique. It was now all coming to an end, with just three more days of work before that pre-PPV rest period.
  12. Lights, camera, action. Welcome to the PRO: Invitational as SupremePRO strives to find their next breakout star! With a slightly new lay-out, the crowd within the Universal Studios were pumped for this one, showcasing their support for stars like Laveaux, Danielson and Scorpion through official PRO merchandise and chants. After a quick video package showcasing some competitors, attention turned to the commentary booth where Adrian Chambers would stand, alongside Jimmy Dubois. Adrian Chambers "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the land of opportunity! Tonight we continue on with the Invitational and eight more competitors, as they look to make that breakthrough in the harsh world of SupremePRO! I'm Adrian Chambers, joined by Jimmy Dubois, bringing you the QUARTER FINALS of this wonderful tournament!" Jimmy Dubois "This isn't the little leagues anymore, ladies and gents! This is where things get real, because everyone left in this? They're winners! They've got the taste of winning once, and will look to do so once more tonight!" Adrian Chambers "And our night kicks off with a big one! The Lone Wolf Jake Morgan takes on the hard-hitting Akira Tozawa!" The opening match of the show was a fierce one, with a huge size difference between the two superstars. Despite Akira's known regime of Strong Style, Jake Morgan would manhandle the Japanese wrestler for the majority of the match. Using that extensive all-American wrestling style, Jake would throw Tozawa from post-to-post with suplex and takedown variations. However, the game would change in seconds as Tozawa countered a stalling vertical with double knees, then using his high position to spike Morgan with a giant falling DDT. It would be a shot the big man struggled to recover from, Tozawa using his ring expertise to keep Jake grounded. Strikes to the legs would render Morgan a sitting target, and a slick four-punch combination would end in a HUGE bridging german suplex, Akira taking home the win. DING DING DING! "Your winner of this match via pinfall and advancing to the SEMI FINALSSSSSS! AKIRAAAAAAA TOOOOOOZAWAAAAAAA!" Jimmy Dubois "Akira Tozawa is the favourite, no doubt about it. The hard-hitting style is lethal, and he proved it only takes one hit to knock your entire game off! Jake Morgan was a target from those devastating knees!" Tozawa's victory would be met with resounding cheers, the Japanese sensation taking it all in with his usual brash style After playing up to the fans, Akira would leave and allow for the next match of the night. The second match of the night would be the biggest by far, in terms of size. Both men came close to seven foot, which meant for a slower pace with alot of slugging. Bruce would be the early aggressor, however not for long as Scorpion showed his obvious strength advantage by keeping the Big Rockstar down for the middle portion of the match. Scorpion would keep Bruce down with a variety of stiff shots, until a reverse big boot from Bruce would turn the tides. As it looked like Bruce would begin his finishing sequence, the little white bag would be intercepted by Scorpion, who would simply punch it out of the air. An angry Bruce would look for the Cokeslam, but Scorpion wriggled over the top and flipped Bruce over, securing the victory with a slick tombstone! DING DING DING! "Your winner of this match via pinfall and advancing to the SEMI FINALS, SCORRRRRRRPIOOOOOOON!" Jimmy Dubois "Bruce's magic medicine being taken out of the equation was the kicker! Scorpion took it out of the sky, and it all led to him picking up the win! There's half of your semi-finalists already folks!" Within seconds of his win, darkness entered the arena. Scorpion was gone almost as quickly, disappearing with a thin veil of smoke. In arguably the most technical match of the night, Danielson and Dar put on a clinic. Beginning the match slow, the lock-ups would be back and forth. Dar would eventually gain the upper hand with the complexity of his holds, then incorporating strikes inbetween them. Danielson would eventually counter, using his stiff MMA style to begin an onslaught of ferocious striking upon Dar. As much as Noam tried to fight back, Danielson would smother Dar with a mount position, using hammerfists and close elbows to immobilise his opponent. This onslaught was eventually stopped by a clever armbar attempt, Danielson releasing his position to avoid danger and then losing his advantage in another exchange. The match would extend to alot of spurts of action, with resting inbetween. Danielson would take a big step to winning with a running springboard knee off the middle rope, his pin attempt coming close to a three. That was the beginning of the end, however. Danielson would control to the finish, ending it all with his patterned Shockwave DDT! DING DING DING! "Your winner of this match via pinfall and advancing to the SEMI FINALS, SHAAAAAAUN DAN-IEL-SSSSSON!" Jimmy Dubois "Danielson with the most impressive performance of the night. This was a match designed to pick the frontrunner, and Danielson passed the test with flying colours!" Danielson was all business tonight. After a quick handshake with Noam Dar, a signal of a belt around his waist was enough to signify Danielson's intentions beyond this tournament. The final match of the card saw two of the favourites for the tournament drawn against eachother. The impressive Elias Laveaux looked to cut down Connolly with his extra years of ring experience, but Aiden had an impressive boxing style that would keep Elias at arms reach. That was until Laveaux caught Aiden's neck on the ropes, changing the structure of this match. Five-counts, rope breaks and illegal strikes would be the center of Laveaux's offence, mainly using ropes to choke Aiden. The dominance was broken when Connolly caught Laveaux clean with a right hook, fresh against the chin. The stunned Laveaux would continue to fight back, but he was on wobbly legs. Every strike was slower, every hold was weak and every shot he aimed was wayward. This led to domination from Connolly, as he picked apart Laveaux. A Sixx Shot Cylinder from Laveaux came close aswell, but Aiden would roll the shot and land a stiff Irish uppercut, finishing Laveaux with the somersault cutter! ONE! TWO! THREE! DING DING DING! "Your winner of this match via pinfall and advancing to the SEMI FINALS, AIDEEEEEEEN CON-NOL-LYYYYYYY!"
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