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  1. Kavanagh says McGregor's next fight will be the lightweight title fight, which is pretty nuts. Shame that Khabib is such a sick-note at the moment, I'd love to see him suplex this whole division aswell as McGregor on his way to the title.
  2. Dillashaw out of TJ/Barao 2 with a broken rib. Shiiiiiit.
  3. To use during the brackets of KOTR to guarantee max energy and boosts.
  4. Aylar Lie, AKA the girl in the Basshunter videos.
  5. Kinda fell into obscurity, but Keeley Hazell is just.... *pants*
  6. This thread needs gifs. Kelly Brook.
  7. ^ ...speaking of Rosie Jones...
  8. Shakira is quite underrated, but still burning hot.
  9. Anyone watching Froch vs Bute? Froch dominating at the moment.
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