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    I have a very eclectic taste.
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  1. This is the greatest thread in the history of our great sport.
  2. I dont play it and I sold my Cena Nuff and Seth Rollins QR codes on eBay last year for £85 combined, so yeah - dont go giving that shit away for free at all.
  3. Im sure you will, looking really good though.
  4. I know hes a big dude but is EC3s head supposed to be that small?
  5. I was about to say long shot ever seeing Cornette on the game, and then I noticed you put Chris Benoit! Tell me another one.
  6. It's always been acceptable, I was just ahead of the curve.
  7. Can tell, judging by your avatar.Better? 2007 was rough.
  8. Coming back for my old WWE mod spot. 10 years in the making!
  9. Gym teacher Erick Rowan is a license to print money.
  10. Dre41 if you're on Xbox, I use his RAW and SDL and they're really good.
  11. You've always been my go-to guy for movesets, great to have you back.
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