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  1. Love the series with a passion. Brawl has my favorite roster not only because of Sonic and Solid Snake (though they are two of my favorites to play with), but because they brought in Toon Link, R.O.B., Wolf, Captain Olimar, Ike, Lucario and overdue characters like Pit, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Diddy Kong and Wario (not a Wario fan, but I do enjoy kicking his ass :lol:). I'm hoping that Zoroark is in the next SSB installment as the Pokemon representative to succeed Mewtwo and Lucario. If he doesn't get in, then I want Raichu.


    If Toon Link (because The Wind Waker HD has been confirmed) and R.O.B. (because he's mother*censored*ing R.O.B.) don't make it in the next SSB game, there will be blood. >:|

  2. Saw the premier and liked it. The black dude and his son were great and pretty damn believable in feeling heartbroken over having to deal with the fact that their wife / mom was a zombie, especially during the sniper moment. However, the worst I felt for was that poor horsey. :'(

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