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Lumpy McRighteous

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Status Updates posted by Lumpy McRighteous

  1. Sorry it's late, but congratulations on ascending to Global Champion Mod Flow, bruh bruh.

  2. Glad to be back. I was doing in tribute to one of of the greatest pieces of cinema the world has ever seen.

  3. Lawl, it's only for a week. But if it's too offensive, I'll change it.

    1. Faster Than Light

      Faster Than Light

      I didn't find it offensive tbh, My reaction was more like "wtf"

  4. +1 to you for the MadWorld sig and Black Baron avy, brah.

    1. D'Evil


      Pimps, Playas, and Pain Purveyors FTW.

    2. Lumpy McRighteous

      Lumpy McRighteous

      Just be careful of Mathilda and DAT SPIKED BAT. D:

  5. It's Raphael the Raven from SMW2: Yoshi's Island.

    1. D.A.N.


      Ah, I should've known. Great game of my childhood.

  6. Call it a bad Bro-mance. :3

  7. Thanks a lot, brah. Really appreciate it.

  8. Where the hell is your avatar from, mang?

  9. Hey man, I really appreciate the pics you uploaded of the Brodus Clay CAW. Can you tell me what skin color you used (I'll credit it under your name once I edit the CAW)? Because it looks better than the overly yellow color I used.

  10. Meh, Nick's *censored*ed up with handling cartoons for years now. And holy hell at Spengbab actually voicing Ice King. :o

  11. Same here. Funniest thing CN's done in a long time.

  12. I LOL'd when that zombie candy man told Bubblegum "Gimmeh some sugar, babeh" after he was revived.

  13. Yeah, Gunter's the most evil creature in all of Ooo. :D

    I also love that hydrophobia episode. Finn's expression is probably the funniest thing from the entire show.

  14. Any one of them rocks my socks, brah. However, if there has to be one, it's probably the Nightosphere episode simply because of how utterly destructive Marceline's dad is, yet reconciles with her at the end only to be stabbed by Finn and then banished back to the Nightosphere by him. What about you, man?

  15. WWWYKI! I haven't watched his show, but he made me a fan with his Comedy Central specials. Dude's awesome. :D

  16. Damn your signature for its overwhelming level of awesomesauce.

  17. Nah, too busy slinging that yeyo on the corner.

  18. You mah dog, Dog. :'(

  19. I thought it was a combo of weird and funny.

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