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  1. I had no idea Anna Kendrick could actually sing until I saw Cups. Just makes her even more lovely overall. :3 Drew Barrymore:
  2. Saw the pic of Kreayshawn and the only thing that came to mind was Fufu still being gone. :\ Shalyah Evans :
  3. I did it for The Rock PsychoCentral, since he was the one who told me her name a few months back when this thread wasn't PC'd. And also because I genuinely find her pretty / lovely despite her status as a porn star. Fit body and impressive titties asides, just seriously look at DEM EYEZ. Probaly wasn't easy to find a pic with a clothed Madison Word, but it was worth the search. ;3
  4. Because authority figures are supposed to be #HEELs, with the exceptions being Ipse, NWOldskool, Vibe and Intentz Nice pic by the way.
  5. "Prettiest", lulz. And yet the male equivalent retains "sexiest" in its title. Candice Swanepoel:
  6. YOU....BASTARD!!!! Sequels maybe...But the original is one of my favorite films of all time, but to quote Voltaire(loosely) "I may not agree with you, but I'll die defending your right to say it!" And I'll defend your right to enjoy a movie that made me fall asleep and thus made me fail a test that was about that shitty movie.
  7. 2001: A Space Odyssey and its sequels are painfully boring and vastly overrated.
  8. ^ lolbump But yeah, I've come to love Regular Show now. Sister even bought herself a Mordecai and The Rigbys shirt. And Toonami is back in the saddle with T.O.M. being his actual self rather than that retarded Thomas the Tank Engine look.
  9. ^This. Nick and Fox Kids were always better than CN. Nick was awesome back in the day (The Wild Thornberries, Rocket Power, Hey Arnold! and Angry Beavers come to mind) and was definitely CN's stiffest competition when it came to delivering great cartoons, but Fox Kids was mediocre at best. CN and Nick had no comparable rivals other than each other.
  10. No? The design changes aren't too dramatic and look pretty cool.
  11. Agreed. And Toonami was shit near its end anyway, both in show line-up and especially presentation. Adventure Time = Only reason to watch CN anymore.
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