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  1. -O_D-

    Today I Learned...

    Haha I was about to post this. Just found that out today. He looked older there than he does now
  2. I just know it's some time in June
  3. Carl popped that shit off and all hell broke loose. Probably the first time where I was like "Hell yeah, Carl!"
  4. Question: Negan said to Sasha that a "little birdie" told him that Rick and company were up to no good. Who do y'all think that is?
  5. This week's episode was ok but the preview of the finale got me stoked.
  6. On hazard alert when Tara was talking to Judith about Oceanside. I thought Rosita was gonna overhear her.
  7. I wonder if Sara is gonna lead Rick to that all girl group cause that's all I can think of at this point of where they could possible find more guns.
  8. Probably so. He hasnt had too much to say since those episodes with Beth when everyone was split after the prison burned down.
  9. Gen, you're looking at it from the viewer POV and not taking it from the characters standpoint. Anybody outside of the Saviors don't know how tight or not tight these guys are. All they know is Negan has the numbers and don't want to take that chance of any backlash coming their way. We already discovered how different communities have tried to go at them but ended up in a losing battle...and that was before they knew what they were up against.
  10. Wonder will they translate that to the tv series...though they do have a lot to cover right now as it is.
  11. Like said, you gotta wonder how he got to be this powerful and influential...that this one guy control all. Did they explain his origin in the comics?
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