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  1. kriskondor

    Crow's Bobby Lashley

    No need to do the tna attires as I probably have made the best tna lashley out there check my thread http://caws.ws/forum/topic/465823-update-charlie-haas-wip-by-kriskondor/?do=findComment&comment=10232148 but this is a great wwe version well done op
  2. I like the test but im thinking the shamrock needs alot more work as im a big shamrock fan n gave also created him n took bout 2 weeks on him n i think next to mine urs looks a little off i'll link u the thread so u can see mine n tweak urs up a bit more but very good start http://caws.ws/forum/topic/465579-uploaded-ken-shamrock-2-attires-new-ahmed-johnson/
  3. kriskondor

    CAWs By Kung Fu

    Check my charlie haas n if u can help to make him better or make a better one as i'd love to beable to have the "worlds greatest tag team"
  4. kriskondor

    CAWs By Kung Fu

    wow dude that shelton benjamin is sick bro hows my charlie haas im not as good as u but i try :/
  5. Yeh thats fine dude i'll post 1 later tonite uk time after work
  6. I appreciate ur feedback bud but i'd have to say that im happy with the attire it looks great on my screen it might be the pic but i used reference pics n i think its pretty close to the actual attire n dont really want to edit it as i'd have to redo all the logos i used to make the attire blue white n red it was a nightmare to place things with the blur that happens but heres the reference pic i used And ps i'll try get a better face pic but i do think its the best charlie haas concidering the ones on cc allready
  7. Better in what way dude? Thats pretty close up to be fair
  8. Uploaded to cc The Destroyer Bobby Lashley 2 attires moveset and entrance search tags TNA BOBBY LASHLEY KKCAWS
  9. Sorry slight delay on upload ive had to work late gonna be tomorow night now 6pm uk time
  10. Uploading the destroyer later tonite uk time
  11. Hows lashley? Ready for upload i think what u guys think?
  12. Updated Lashley Second attire added made his American Top Team shirt and hat with his white trunks attire he wore for the last impact Also heres my jeff hardy non paint and painted
  13. Haas is complete put him in the team angle attire needs an entrance n moveset what u guys think? New caw started work in progress CHARLIE HAAS what u guys think? This guy was so hard to create as he just has such a baby face n lack of facial features and without face morphing so hard to get right but im happy with him now what u guys think? And im working on his american top team attire for his 2nd attire just editing the logos
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