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  1. ^Think he meant as an actual character lol Haha, Brock's final smash would start out as him doing that high pitched scream, then just giving his opponent 100 suplexes in rapid succession
  2. Continuing my Fallout New Vegas playthrough...just finished up with the Vault 22 quest, and picked up that unique laser rifle that shoots the green lasers. Forgot how creepy that Vault is....
  3. Quality stuff, happy for the guy. Gotta catch up on Impact.
  4. I love Roy. Him and Mr. Game & Watch are my mains. f a tier.
  5. The Doll House is.....odd. But I like it
  6. I would probably vote somebody random like Turok or Juno from Jet Force Gemini. or Vectorman
  7. I love making my friends rage when I pick Iggy, and I quote that Iggy Azelea 'Fancy' song while I send them flying.
  8. Have only been semi-following Impact, but it's cool to see Roode as champ again.
  9. I think Little Mac will be the most overused. Seems kinda broken Greninja will be the most overused imo. Little Mac will be right there in second, but Greninja has some range attacks along with everything else where Little Mac doesn't. Fair point. I just know Little Mac users are gonna piss me off though..haha
  10. I think Little Mac will be the most overused. Seems kinda broken
  11. I wish they would put Crono or Frog from Chrono Trigger in the game.
  12. Your avy/sig is probably my favorite on CAWs..haha

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