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  1. Out of all those..I could only see Shane & Randy appearing.
  2. We need a Tong Po return on UpUpDownDown. Hopefully throwing tennis balls at Heath again.
  3. Cold Beer gonna win the Madden Tourney On a side note I think it's cool that Rollins still hangs out with the fellas despite him being world champ and all. Cause guys like Hogan etc wouldn't be caught dead doing that during their respective runs. Cena probably hasn't either. probably sounds weird lol but yeah.
  4. Probably the only screen time Brad will get for the rest of his WWE career.
  5. Miz is like 100x more tolerable in this setting And who's the other guys in the tourney? I'm guessing Champ = Seth, Meatball = Maddox , Cold Beer = ...Reigns? Ambrose? Big Deal = Titus? he did randomly appear at one point And I know the rest
  6. I was rooting for Kalisto so hard during that video And I do hope Creed eventually does get Sasha in for a Superstar Diva Savepoint
  7. lol @ Bo & Swagger just lurking in the background
  8. Continuing my Fallout New Vegas playthrough...just finished up with the Vault 22 quest, and picked up that unique laser rifle that shoots the green lasers. Forgot how creepy that Vault is....
  9. I so badly want Heath to win a tournament.
  10. Jimmy was so hype lmao And man it looks so weird seeing Rusev play video games Hope Cody Rhodes eventually makes an appearance on there, he's supposed to be a major gamer too.
  11. A CAWS member probably made those
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