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    Y2J, Punk, AmDrag
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    ROH & PWG
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    Tuna fish and rice.
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    Other favorites: Kevin Steen, Scott Lost, Chris Bosh, Super Dragon, Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Chuck Taylor, Akira Tozawa & El Generico.
  1. ^ Went through it rather quickly... First time ever; Mike Mondo - Davey Richards & main event was Texas Death Match between Jay Briscoe & Charlie Haas. It was pretty much NO DQ no count out match and between each pinfall (that wouldn't mean anything, like in ironman) there was 30 second rest period and then if one couldn't get up till the count of 10 (after the 30 second "rest") it was over. I didn't really watch much of this but after the match fans were chanting "That was awesome" i believe. Oh and Nigel was someowhere else, Cornette was Kevin Kelly's commentary partna.
  2. ROH hasn't interested me that much recently, i stopt watching it after the second tv episode and after that only catched Final Battle. But this should be good.
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