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  1. Don't know where else to put it but John Carpenter on tour. http://www.theofficialjohncarpenter.com/tour/ Jun 02 Primavera Sound Barcelona, Spain Jun 14 Paramount Seattle, WA Jun 15 Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall Portland, OR Jun 17 Fox Theatre Oakland, CA Jun 18 The Orpheum Los Angeles, CA Jun 21 Gothic Theatre Englewood, CO Jun 23 Moody Theatre Austin, TX Jun 24 Majestic Dallas, TX Jul 01 ATP Iceland Festival Keflavik, Iceland Jul 06 Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival Neuchatel, Switzerland Jul 08 Playstation Theatre New York, NY Jul 12 Lincoln Theatre Washington, DC Jul 15 Masonic Temple Detroit, MI Oct 28 Albert Hall Manchester Manchester, United Kingdom Oct 29 Albert Hall Manchester Manchester, United Kingdom Oct 31 The Troxy London, United Kingdom
  2. The movie does work better without it because with 1970's technology it probably would of been impossible to film. It's crazy. The place looks so great even today.
  3. Have you read the book? Or the 'Secret of Hanging Rock' the elusive last chapter? There's a beautiful DVD package released that has a bonus disc with interviews with the author. Interesting lady.
  4. Once again I'm found lacking in movie knowledge but that 2nd theme is really good and does sound familiar for some reason. Worse things to have stuck in your head. Looks like Jarre has a solid back catalog too. Normally I find movie adaptations of books to be lacking but I think in this case the movie is just as good as the book. Maybe one of my favourite films of all time, definitely one of my favourite books of all time. Not so fond of the main pan flute theme but love other parts of the soundtrack. The theme at the beginning is the one I really enjoy and the pan flute theme begins at around 5:30
  5. Not familiar with the movie but that was cool. Had the soundtrack on tape ages ago, seeing the animation of The Point above sort of reminded me of The Tune by Bill Plympton.
  6. I think I'm more into songs that I really enjoy that just happen to be in movies than movies that feature songs that I really enjoy. That being said; Malcolm busting out the Max Bygraves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FniXY7tGZ3s 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOByH_iOn88 From 'The Wall'
  7. Work as in "video is unavailable" for me I checked it out at another link and while I'm not familiar with the movie it's a good version. There is something really deep about Roy's songs that I find amazing. Showing my age again, a movie from my childhood, was just recently on repeat on TV down here and still thought it was very cool although a certain campiness that I didn't latch onto as a young fella however many years ago.
  8. That one doesn't seem to work for me. To be honest I'm not really into film too much but my brother works in film so I'd often get the opportunity to go through his collection of (back then) VHS and his soundtrack collections; Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks and all that. One movie I did see and that had a deep impact on me was Baraka from 1992. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEb1iZ2JYHI
  9. What I really love about the Roy in Blue Velvet is that for me it's not just Lynch turning the song from one extreme to another it's that it opened my eyes that maybe Roy's songs were always more deep than what they appeared to be on the surface. Great soundtrack all around, probably still got it on tape somewhere.
  10. Wrapping Christmas presents and listening to James Brown. 9 years ago tomorrow he passed away.
  11. List of CMLL luchadors for the Fantasticamania show; Mistico, Volador, Atlantis, Maya,, Lee, Stuka, Fuego, Dorada, Titan, Panther, Mephisto, UG, Hechicero, Bobby Z, Virus, Cavernario, Okumura One will stay for 12 months. No Sombra or Rush.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SioTfnUpo7M&feature=youtube_gdata
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