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    "A sonically-unbalanced Detroit-sounding, guitar-heavy, on-the-one righteous freakout played by great looking guys who aimed at a Forward-thinking Mother*censored*er Utopian stance. A cross between the Plastic Ono Band/MC5/Ash Ra Tempel/Funkadelic and wearing warpaint/woad/glam-make up. Their lead singer would physically have to be somewhere between Damo/Iggy/David Lee Roth and sound like all of the above combined with Rob Tyner, John Garner and Dick Peterson, and he would be platform-booted or barefoot. Their stance would have to be outwardly throwaway and unserious, yet their inner-trip would have to secretly believe that their music was gonna kick all the self-righteous Protestant/ Cromwellian/Roundheaded/Stalinist/Fatherland Cocksuckers into Hyperspace. Groups have got close to this several times. How I love them for even trying. I get down on my knees and thank the sun for rising every time I discover more of such upwardly-aiming Heathen Schtompf." Morrissey.
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  1. Fried

    LuchaCAW 2k19

    I reuploaded and reapplied all the logos on Blitzkrieg. I hope it will work this time. This is how it should look Current uploads; Bandido, Blitzkrieg, Pentagon Jr, Aerostar, The Great Sasuke, Titan, Forastero, Penta Zero M (black/white), Blue Panther Jr, Caristico, Drago, Puma King, Hijo de La Park, Cuatrero, Sanson, Aramis, Flamita, Rey Fenix, Penta Zero M (gold attires) & Black Panther
  2. Fried

    LuchaCAW 2k19

    That's the Kriminal Boy attire for Fly Star, I've both of them on one slot now. I'll try to get it uploaded sometime soon. What logos are missing? Can you take a screenshot of it or something?
  3. Fried

    LuchaCAW 2k19

    Most everything so far
  4. Fried

    LuchaCAW 2k19

    Thanks guys. Penta's up.
  5. Fried

    LuchaCAW 2k19

    Most everything I have created this year. Thanks to everyone who has helped with movesets; Spinebuster, RadDad, and downloads. Most appreciated. New Penta's attires coming soon: And a closer look at the uploads. Aerostar [ Bandido Carístico Cuatrero Drago Flamita Fly Star Forastero El Hijo de L.A. Park L.A. Park Mistico Pentagon Jr (classic) Puma King Rey Fenix (tatts by luigirocker30) Sanson Titan Toxin
  6. Penta vs LA Park vs Psycho Clown vs Hijo del Fantasma in a 4 way cage mask match in the main event of Triplemania 26. Two escape the cage the other two fight for the mask. Preshow starts 7:30 CDT Saturday streaming on Twitch. English commentators are Striker and Vampiro. Strange one, can't see Park loosing, can't see Penta loosing, can't really see Psycho loosing. I guess Fantasma?
  7. 40 years of Negro Casas Live on Friday/Saturday
  8. Caristico had repeatedly challenged Penta to come to his house, Arena México. Penta come out during the main event and brawled with Caristico. This weeks Friday CMLL will have Rush, Terrible and Penta vs Caristico, Volodor and Valiente. Ive really been enjoying the Friday shows. They are on Saturday my time and streaming for free on Facebook and YouTube.
  9. http://youtu.be/rLornQzs26c?t=01h56m55s LA Park vs Rush from last Fridays CMLL. Excellent match continuing a hot run for CMLL. The Panthers match was also great. Fenix vs Cavernario this Friday.
  10. Its true Ligerrrrr! The community has many problems, stealing is one major one, but there are many. Ive practically given up on any of these problems being rectified, or even properly addressed, by 2K or the wider community.
  11. 4 way is true, Triplemania main event on Twitch for free August 25.
  12. LA Park / Psycho Clown / Fantasma / PENTAGON JR 4 way mask match in AAA LA Park still hoping to do LA Park vs Rush mask/hair in CMLL Fenix in AAA and CMLL at the same time Konnan saying there may be a AAA vs CMLL show Its all so crazy. Lucha libre is the best.
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