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  1. <p>TheNetworkZ-Sasuke attacks the Kages only get his a** handed to him,put gets saved by Kishi's hard on.Tobi starts a war pitting akatsuki against the five nations.Kabuto uses Edo Tensei to bring back a bunch of dead peopl for akatsuki's side as well as kidnap yamato to make about 10,000 white zetsus.Narutwat gets another powerup and apparently befriends the fox(whose name is apparently kurama)to get yet another powerup.The only way to beat the edos is through massive TNJ and PNJ plus sealing.The majority of them let themselves lose.The real Madara is also revealed.Haven't actually read Naruto since October so I'm not sure about some stuff.


    To whoever listed Disgaea as to watch,don't.Play the games instead.


    Sounds like a bunch of overkill to me.


    And I agree with whoever recommended Gurren Lagann. I watched it before there was so much hype and such, great anime. If you don't cry at all during the series you're a robot.

  2. *censored* I haven't read a Naruto manga since Naruto was fighting Pain. What's happened since? I'm too lazy to get caught up since that's about 2 years of manga to read.



    A crapload of bullsh*t.And the Raikage.


    I was kind of hoping for an answer that explained more...I can't believe the series isn't done yet.


    And if anyone's interested, the Macross Plus OVA has been uploaded officially on youtube. I definitely recommend it to everyone. It's four episodes.

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