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Status Updates posted by TheNetworkZ

  1. It's so funny how some of the bitter sore losers that were on this site when I first joined here in 2008 are EXACTLY the same 8 years later lol

  2. Pretty pumped for WWE2K16

  3. I think you asked me before, I live in Woodbridge.

  4. Some members on this forum are complete idiots...

  5. I knew someone on the forum would change their name to Funkasaurus tonight LMAO

  6. Yup, same errors. Maybe it's because I have another copy of PJ64 on my pc?

  7. Nope. Just random crashes and some texture errors. I'll just download it again and get back to you.

  8. Hey, man. I got a problem with your WCW mod. It keeps on freezing and crashing, even with cheats off. Also, some textures are messed up. I've pretty much done everything in the FAQ part of your site but I'm still having these problems.

  9. I was just checking out your mods. I really like the Invasion one, great job man.

  10. You just have to be lucky about it.

  11. Like I said, it doesn't matter what order you put them in LMFAO. The slots don't mean anything.

  12. Yes, you asked me already lmao, I've seen your list.

  13. You just gotta keep trying after every disconnect. Eventually it'll work.

  14. Raw = Raw is War, Superstars = Heat/Velocity, and Smackdown = Smackdown!. If you're on PS3 there are rings for each one I mentioned on the What's Hot category on CC. You can also download the WWF red and blue logos to use for Universe mode (that's what I did). I even added the Raw is War and classic Smackdown logos on the ring canvas' (they're in the game, so you don...

  15. Well for one you should definitely get rid of MITB. Replace it with King of The Ring maybe.

  16. Well currently my three shows are Raw is War, Nitro, and then Smackdown. I have a couple of Attitude Era and WCW caws, not a lot though.

  17. In any slot. The slots don't effect anything as far as I know.

  18. Yeah but I don't really know how to answer that. Your best bet is to look at the rosters of the WWF games released during the Attitude Era if you mean you want to see who you have or are missing.

  19. Nah, they're just over exaggerating. I think it's the best one since 06'. I loved your caws man and would love to see some on wwe 12. It's a great game, no where near as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

  20. Do you still make CAW's?

  21. Thanks man! I always liked your sig as well haha

  22. Well I haven't actually lived in Toronto since I was 7, I now live in Woodbridge. It's nice to see someone else on the boards in the same area.

  23. Thanks. Forza Azzuri!

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