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  1. Then I guess Bray Wyatt is a poor man's Kevin Sullivan.
  2. Which will still be better than what Spike did. Heck there were commercials on Animal Planet for IMPACT Wrestling during Eric Young's show. Spike? Nothing, yet all we hear about during IMPACT episodes is Bellator this, Bellator that...
  3. Good show so far tonight... As for Taryn Terrell getting the title tonight... Just like last week, folks complained about this and they complained about Storm/Abyss getting the tag titles. Honestly, tonight and last week I saw nothing to complain about. Last week was great between Storm/Revolution and the Wolves and that Knockouts title match was a good match. Congrats to TNA on finding a new channel. Here's hoping Destination America will promote them more than Spike ever does.
  4. Yup.. good show so far... Crazzy Steve has a NASTY tornado ddt! He SPIKED Jessie with that move.
  5. Brittany and Samuel Shaw make a good psycho couple.
  6. Low Ki is starting to become a favorite of mine. Enjoying his matches a lot.
  7. Kinda like Jerry Lawler explaining a joke on RAW. I was insulting Anderson. Not TNA turn it down a notch. You don't have to defend everything that happens. Not at all.. I was agreeing. lol
  8. Kinda like Jerry Lawler explaining a joke on RAW.
  9. That does seem a bit contrived. Who knows why that was done.
  10. Not yet at least.. Probably just focusing on singles competition.. Bram is more of a hardcore type style anyways. 2+ months.. Huh.. Were you around for the first Bethlehem, PA taping/shows and the first NYC shows? If not... then yes.. it has changed. Focus is now on WRESTLING.
  11. Sorry.... but............. other than the lack of match build-ups except the main event....... What PPV were you watching?! The crowd was VERY into it. The audio, I'll give you that as far as the commentators. That was a bit off or staticy.
  12. Not surprised at that. Well, from all the negative reports on this show, I saw nothing wrong with the PPV. The Knockouts match was a little short, but that's it.
  13. So.. um... Kaz Hayashi's theme music is an instrumental of "Maneater" by Hall and Oates? loaded show so far... Have enjoyed all the matches.
  14. Good opening match! Too bad the Pele kick didn't connect.
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