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  1. Hi folks, Defract and I have been creating for this series for a LONG time, and we thought it would be fun to sit down and film a series to discuss our different approaches to the game, the creation suite and how it's changed over time. Amongst other things we're going to talk about CAWs, custom textures, the 2k20 wishlist and (try to) answer questions from the CAWmunity. We're gathering some talking points at the moment, so if you have a topic you'd love discussed by a couple of #GrizzledYoungVeterans drop a comment below and we'll name-check you in that chat. We're recording soon, so I'll use this topic to post links to the series as they come out. Cheers!
  2. So this is going to be a thing! The CAWalition (myself and Defract) are going to film a series for the interwebs. We've been thinking about it for a while, and Defract and I are going to sit down and do a video series discussing the game and the creation suite. We'll talk about the ups and downs from 2k19 and what realistic improvements would really knock our socks off to 2k20. So what sort of thing would you like discussed? If you have a Twitter then reply to Defract's tweet below, if not, then here is great too https://twitter.com/Defract/status/1085258862448599040
  3. I know man - it's such a pain that they don't highlight DLC moves. I'm sorry. I've been though Kushida and removed all DLC but it's still showing up. On Sabin, still working on a face texture as it's kicking my ass with the quality atm. Meanwhile. UPLOADED Modern/Current Jerry Lynn New attire/look by Shattered
  4. Cheers mate! First time I've tried to up the presentation. Glad the extra effort is noticed! UPLOADED KUSHIDA By the CAWalition - Defract & NickBreaker (Credit to SpineBuster94 for the moveset base and RyeeDee for the entrance formula)
  5. I've been creating for WWE games for a long time, & this game I finally FULLY marked out on what I was able to achieve in the creation mode! I know I should be cool & humble, but I'm so pleased with how this Alex Shelley creation turned out! creativity x patience = achievement
  6. That's so funny - I was looking at that 2nd attire last night and I thought "I'm sure that was a custom attire I made up", and then I questioned whether it really ever was a real attire or not as it seemed unfeasible that you would create it too! I see you've seen his 'return' match photos then? I wonder if the match was any good or not. He's in great shape but he is old af man. I was considering making him but I would simply never use him!!!!!
  7. UPLOADED TRAVIS BANKS Created by NickBreaker but converted from SuperSauldier2K's XB1 creation. Credit to Heating Python for the moveset base.
  8. UPLOADED JORDAN DEVLIN By NickBreaker & Wimpy Credit to Defract for the chest texture & Heating Python for the moveset base.
  9. 2x @NXTUK previews for @WWEgames on PS4. Jordan Devlin is a collab with the awesome @WimpyCaws. Travis Banks is a conversion of the stunning Xbox creation by @SuperSauldier2K. Both should be uploaded before we say goodbye to 2018!
  10. dunno who any of these lads are - NOAH? I'd make some of their heads a bit bigger mate! Love the attires but can't comment on anything else!
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