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  1. Fred Durst needs to make a comeback it seems.
  2. Themes that have been in older games should at least be in though (2K15-2K17) for stars who are still on the roster, so you'd have like: - Rikishi (Bad Man) - Stone Cold (Alliance, Disturbed (if licence permits) and his current theme (which still shocks me isn't in) - Kane (Out of the Fire from 2K16/2001) Slow Chemical (if licence permits again) - Chris Jericho (2001-2004 theme) - The Rock (Hollywood, 1999 theme, Nation of Domination)
  3. deadmam04

    Gameplay Thread

    Golden Era/1998/Ministry Taker share the same walk since 2K16.
  4. deadmam04

    Gameplay Thread

    Second this. No new parts for the stages or templates is pretty disappointing. Could easily throw in parts or templates from arenas that have been in 2K15-2K17.
  5. Don;'t they usually avoid revealing anyone that's left the company and they've ended up quietly being in? Or has that changed this year?
  6. Triple H '01 is trash. Was always been looking forward to a HHH from those years.
  7. Guess this also confirms Albert to have Droz's theme in the game as Droz is listed.
  8. I saw on the EB Facebook page someone posted that they didn't get a message about Mafia 3 and EB told them that it's all good despite no messages, so maybe could be the same thing.
  9. It's so good to know how early we can get it. Tuesday is looking more like a day off for me to get in at 8am
  10. Good to see they kept Limp Bizkit's Rollin' for Undertaker '00. Hoping a ton that were in 2K16 are kept to choose from.
  11. I don't get why they removed the Raw 99 stage as well, some just don't make sense (would have loved if Backlash 99 was still in)
  12. Pretty impressive list, plus what we get in CAA: WWE Armageddon 2002 WWE Armageddon 2003 WWE Backlash 2001 WWE Backlash 2003 WWE Bad Blood 2004 WWE Capitol Punishment 2011 ECW WWE Extreme Rules 2011 WWE Extreme Rules 2014 WWE Great American Bash 2008 WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 WWE In Your House 14: Revenge of the Taker WWE Judgment Day 2004 WWE Judgment Day 2005 WWE Money in the Bank 2013 WWE Night of Champions 2013 WWE No Mercy 2005 WWE No Way Out 2001 NXT 2014 NXT: Takeover Brooklyn WWE Over the Edge 1998 WWE Over the Limit 2011 WWE Payback 2014 WWE Raw 2002 WWE Raw 2006 WWE Raw 2014 WWE Raw 1998 WWE Royal Rumble 2001 WWE Royal Rumble 2004 WWE Royal Rumble 2011 WWE SmackDown 2006 Which still has more under S, V and W (if I'm right there was 8 templateS left to be shown) which could be: WWE SmackDown 1999 WWE Survivor Series 1998 WWE SummerSlam 1998 WWE SummerSlam 2002 WWE Vengeance 2011 (is the only arena under V that has appeared in 2K15) WWE WrestleMania 13 WWE WrestleMania 14 WWE WrestleMania 15 WWE WrestleMania X-Seven WWE WrestleMania XIX WWE WrestleMania 28 WWE WrestleMania 29 WWE WrestleMania 30
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