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  1. Looking for a good set to copy for my girl, a nice asskicking set nothing too weak or submissiony, most women have leglocks and arm drags and stuff like that im looking for suplexes and backbreaker hardcore chicks lol
  2. Never mind i took a shot and i must say im pleased lol, made 2 nice chars will edit once i get some money and unlocks
  3. I may be the worst CAW creator in existance and im wondering if anyone has a formula i can copy to create a pair to start My Career? i would appreciate it
  4. Would like someone to make me an Angelina Love CAW with her ROH Allure Attire or a random female CAW with the Attire would be sufficient as well, are Bhangraman and WolfgangJT still around? Here is the attire
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