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  1. Such a great game. Really enjoyed it. Can't wait for the extra parts.
  2. Completed story mode a couple of nights ago. Great game, much better than 4 in everyway, lots of fun. Some big laughs too. Still got LOADS to do with side-missions etc so will keep me warm until 2K14 arrives in regards to gaming. Best songs for me: CW McCall - Convoy and Stevie Wonder - Skeletons.
  3. Loving the game. Trevor is like Jack Nicholson mixed with Prison Break's T-Bag. Highlights so far: Horny Chop. The sad demise of Mr Raspberry Jam.
  4. The last three bond films are overrated crap and Daniel Craig is a tiresome guffer loved by middle aged housewives the world over.
  5. As a fan of the Carpenter original, I agree. But Malcom McDowell was funny as Loomis in no.2.
  6. The american remakes of The Ring and The Grudge were better than the originals.
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