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  1. Ok, some people talk like it is all to easy. So, they had to rebuild a flipping botched, broken game for 2.5 years, in a pandemic, where even SONY can't put PS5's in storing stock for that same amount of time almost. IF Create-an-Entrance was one of the reasons why 2k20 was so broken, then I am glad they took it out. Yes, it adds to realism trying to create the most up-to-date entrance for the CAW's, but don't tell me you play all the entrances fully, after 6 months of gaming. ALSO, Universe Mode without promos is actually something I have longed, myself. It was really mediocre to say the least, for a long time. So, bottom line is, most people who rant about "not buying this game... same old s*it... 2K better be off contract next year... you guys should cancel pre-order... etc" are purely privileged at this point. Buy the game or don't. It's a video game about a company/sport that we all love to hate, hate to love, or love to love, but don't give anyone false, pretentionism, privileged opinion about something that you couldn't even create or understand how to make in the first place. Period. Give professionals, developers the respect that they deserve, because at the end of the day, they are earning their money, to give US, the fans, SOMETHING to enjoy and have fun. With that being said, nice gaming everyone in T-3.
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