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  1. Great Job! DieHard. Appreciate your hard work man. Who's next after Lethal?
  2. DiehardDetroit when do you plan on uploading these to CC?
  3. DiehardDetroit I created the ROH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP from his first reign. It's on CC Search:DThunda324
  4. Thanks Bernie! Good to see you this year again.You on Ps4?
  5. Gamevolt at it again! If this is quick I can't wait to see what you got in store for us this year. Ive been waiting on you bro!
  6. I know this is probably reaching but I feel if 2K would be willing to patch additional CAW Slots and add Customs Soundtracks it would keep the die hard WWE games fans off their back until 2K16. I understand as fan of the series the fact they had to remove parts of the game to rebuild it and make it better. I'm pretty sure everyone agrees downloading or creating a superstar with using the basic themes or even superstar themes kills the experience Even if downloading more themes through PSN or XBL and charge a fee for individual or bundled themes because WWE owns the licencing . What do you guys think about 2K patching More CAW Slots and Custom Soundtracks? IF you agree lets make it known to 2K and maybe they will make it happen.
  7. Is anyone else experiencing a Tag Team Call Name Glitch where when any superstar comes out they are Representing the "Acolytes" even if they are not in a tag team it always says it and its a very annoying glitch. Hopefully 2K will patch this very soon.
  8. Big E Tshirt logo And ultimate warrior logos from wcw (one warrior nation).
  9. Sorry...I could have swore I read in an article they were starting at 2009 with Punk V. Cena. But yea it is starting at 2011.
  10. Being that 2k will be showcasing CM Punk Vs. John Cena Rivalry in 2K Showcase mode this year there are a lot of possibilities for alternate attires for Punk in this year's game. Long-Hair Punk from 2009. (RAW November 23, 2009) - First Singles Match Long-Hair S.E.S. Punk. (RAW December 14, 2009 (Slammy Awards) Masked S.E.S. Punk (RAW June 9, 2010)(Debut of the Nexus) New Nexus Punk (RAW January 1, 2011) Chicago Flag Attire (Summer 2011)(Return from walking out with WWE Championship) Shaved Head Punk (2013) (#1 Contender to face the Rock at Wrestlemania for WWE Championship) Current Day (Wolverine Look) (2014) I know there will be more matches than this but this is just highlighting all of punks different looks over their feud in WWE. What attire are you looking most forward to in WWE2K15 from CM Punk?
  11. I am without a doubt playing on PS4 this year but I have purchased both versions in the past but I know of a lot the creators are from XB360 so I'm wondering if any of these creators are coming over to PS4. DrVries bobby de niero Petchy Slipfan Dre41 WhatsTheStatus Bhangra_Man (Bhangra22man) WolfgangJT NWOldSkool AJSim NickBreakerUK TheHippopotamus Righteous Vessel Maker VonTheCawer Ravenous IAMNOMODDER (TheNoModder) Ballard32 Titan83 Tich SeanMcDade96 dest07 Cybruis
  12. Confirmed by WWE Website: Booker T Kevin Nash Ric Flair Superstarts on actual roster but missing from reveal: Adam Rose Bo Dallas Christian David Otunga Diego Fernando The Great Kali Heath Slater Rusev Sin Cara Stardust Zack Ryder Divas Alicia Fox Emma Layla Paige There are 92 slots on the superstar select screen and they have announced 62 names (54 Superstars + 8 Divas) so far and that leaves 30 Superstars to be revealed. This would probably be the first WWE game where the roster would match the current day roster at the time, if they add the 16 Superstars from above. If they add the missing superstars from above that would leave 14 slots for Legends or alternate versions of other superstars or NXT Superstars. What legends do you guys hope make the roster?
  13. Here are the somethings that I thought of that would make "Create a Championship" suite better: Match Stipulation on Championships(ex. Hardcore Championship can only be fought in matches that are NO DQ and Falls Count Anywhere) More championship templates Different size templates ( ex. World Championships are most of the time bigger then mid card titles)
  14. Streaming and sharing screenshots I am the most excited about for 2k!5.
  15. Sting Sami Zayn Cesaro Roman Regins Seth Rollins Dean Ambrose Daniel Bryan (Beard Texture is going to look amazing) Bray Wyatt Adrian Neville
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