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  1. Good. Like you, I lost about 2 and a half hours of gameplay, but I actually don't mind playing through it again. It's a great game.
  2. I'm still here and there, I don't post as much as I did back then though. Ah memories.
  3. Something like Kelly Kelly Vs Jillian after what happened last week. =/
  4. I changed the topic title due to it being too misleading And maybe, last year they didn't.
  5. DAMN! I actually think that looks good on him
  6. Mini tron is the little tron behind the superstars when they come out. (Like when Jeff Hardy comes out he has the Purple Symbol floating around behind him etc)
  7. You have to remember, that it was a early video, little things like that can be changed quite easily.
  8. Well, this is the section for the SVR09 game, people who post in tis section would actually want this game. So since this has nothing to do with SVR09, I'll close this
  9. Jeff Hardy, I cant seem to like Nitro
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