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  1. This brings my total to 66 characters uploaded. You can only have 80 on CC at a time which means I can only make 14 more before I have to pull some off of the server to make room for anything new...so if you haven't downloaded any of the characters I made at the game's launch I'd suggest doing so, because I'll be pulling my earliest made characters off 1st.
  2. AT LONG LAST!!! Yea, I know it's been a minute. As mentioned in my previous post, this site just hasn't been what it used to be as far as engagement. Couple that with me switching to a new site as far as work, and being neck deep in other games, my production has obviously taken a hit. But I plan on getting back in the lab soon since I've either completed or am near completing the games I've been playing. With all of that out of the way, here comes the next upload pack. This one is heavy; 10 total female characters. A very, VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY long time ago in the e-fed that predated my brother @Thr33X 's XWA known as the League Of Xtraordinary Wrestling (LXW), we had a "Diva Search" contest in it's 2nd year. Quite a few characters came as result of this content, including 2 of my own female characters. Aimee LeBlanc here happens to be one of those 2 characters. This version is a huge departure from the last time I made her years ago. Current day Aimee draws cues from the Street Fighter 6 character Manon in both design, personality and move-set. Only thing changed from her previous version is the hair dye. Everything else about Celeste is identical to her 2K22 version. No need to mess around with her design. I didn't get around to making Danielle last year, so I had to bring her back. Her design is unchanged, though I made her a little leaner than her last incarnation, which was from 2K19. Like Danielle, it's been a couple years since I made Emma. Her overall attire design is unchanged, just gave her wrist tape and kneepads this time around. Like her counterpart Crystal Bayless, she uses the European style of wrestling and has a submission based moveset, one of the few characters I create with such a theme to them. Lakoda is the other female character I created as result of the LXW Diva Search. I settled on her current look a couple years ago when I turned her heel, and the look remains. Though more of a tweener now in current day, she still remains one of the most intense competitors on the CAW roster, male or female. Like so many others, Noelle comes back relatively unchanged. Different hairstyle and a long sleeve on her right arm, aside from those aspects she's just as she was for her 2K22 version. A match for the most physically strongest female character on my roster. I didn't make her last year because right around when I planned to (along with many others) is when I had my health issues. Aside from a change-up of her top and bottom, her design is the same as previous years. Unlike Danielle who I made leaner, I opted to make Shannon a little thicker to show she'd made gains in the gym since her last appearance. Daughter of Pollux Troy & niece to Kastor & Helena Troy. A 3rd generation wrestler who certainly embraces her family's reputation for ruthlessness. I opted to make Skylar's attire this year reminiscent to her aunt's seeing as she's now aligned with "The Coven" following Perxephone's defection from the group. Brand new to 2K23 is Fa'Tali "Tali" Mamula is the younger sister of Timoa Mamula. She's big, strong and deceptively agile. Formerly known as Venera Kristoff, last time I made her was in 2K19. Another of my female powerhouse characters, she now calls herself "The Tsara" of professional wrestling, fashioning herself after the Tsars of old Russia. Tags are as always OZCAW and CAW23.
  3. Sorry for the absence. As WLJ mentioned above, I've been a bit more active on Twitter and FB as far as my CAW sharing endeavors. I'm just not getting the same amount of feedback here as I'm getting on other platforms. With that being said, I'm not sure how much longer I'll be posting my work here. I'm gonna be completely honest...this site is not what it used to be. The engagement here has been lacking for the last few years...but THIS year it's been by far the worse. Add to that we don't have our own dedicated "original" section and have to cohabitate with non-original CAW posts...it's a bit lazy on the admins side. Overall, I'm not really enjoying the CAWS.WS experience anymore. Keeping 100 here, Regarding the next update, I will have it done this week. Need to put the finishing touches on movesets and get the images prepared. New content is definitely on the way.
  4. Creativity knows no age, though I won't be doing this forever. Eventually I'll move on like so many other have. But for the foreseeable future, that's not happening. As promised, here comes the next update!!! 8 characters...7 male and 1 female. Believe it or not, Arseniy here is my 1st Russian character in over 15 years. The last one I made went by the name of Vasily Rasputin, but I gave the character to my brother @Thr33X a few years ago. Never made one again, until now. Arseniy "The Arsenal" Volkov is a different take on the Russian Grappler gimmick. Most Russians (including Vasily) are portrayed as being from downtrodden, militaristic backgrounds. They see westerners as weaklings. They're stoic, unfeeling and emotionless. Arseniy is none of those things. Arseniy is the son of a powerful Russian oligarch and retired Combat Sambo champion Arcadiy Volkov. Raised in wealth his entire life, Arseniy has received the finest training from the best instructors and schools in the world. A prodigy of multiple martial arts including Sambo, Judo, TKD and BJJ to name a few, he prides himself as "the most complete combat athlete on Earth". He's brash, arrogant and loves flaunting his wealth and status. But he can back every ounce of his bravado up as he's an athlete unlike none other, winning every tournament he's ever competed in. He now sets his sights on professional wrestling, to further bolster his status and show the world what he already believes...he's the best, period. Arseniy was a spur of the moment creation, as on twitter @White Leather Jacket made mention of Russian character gimmicks and I came realize...I had no Russians. Well...no Russian males anyway. A day later, I had Arseniy completed. All art assets on him is AI generated, including his face texture. His move-set was painstakingly crafted to be combat centric. He performs like a fighter, not a wrestler. His attires are cut and dry, the 1st being a vale tudo based look, the 2nd being the traditional combat sambo uniform with his logo work adorning it. Arseniy is going to be a focal point of my new generation of talent, and I look forward to evolving the character further. "The Natural" Dylan Brody is among my "2nd generation" of characters, dating back to 2002. Dylan himself is a 2nd generation wrestler, being the son of one of Simon Fierhart's oldest friends and allies Dan "The Boulder" Brody. One of Simon's 1st students, Dylan has come a long way since his debut, undergoing many character changes. But what hasn't changed is he's one of the 1st "hybrid" characters I've made...being a bigger, stronger character capable of moving like a crusierweight. In recent years, I've altered his look from bein Randy Orton-esqe to something more akin to Buddy Matthews. Since turning him heel, he's maintained a consistent mean streak and has become a more cerebral character. I debated redoing his art using AI, but if it ain't broke...don't fix it. Unlike Dylan, Gabe's undergone a complete overhaul...including his gimmick. 2 years ago when I changed his last name to "Niyol" (Navajo for Wolf) from Dezba, I went for a more wolf themed motif for him. This year I double down on it, as he's now known as "The Red Wolf" Gabriel Niyol. Embracing his heritage as a Navajo warrior, I went with an attire as similar to Tatanka's as I could get seeing as of all years THIS is the one 2K decide to remove his creation parts from CAW mode. So no loincloth of head dress. (That pissed me off, but what can you do, eh?) Like all of my updated characters, the art assets are AI generated. I'm really digging the way he came out. Between the ropes he fights similarly to his mentor Simon Fierhart, swapping out Simon's more violent moves for moves that better fit Gabe's free-flowing style. He still uses the Tomahawk as a signature though. That's never changing...lol. This one is near and dear to me. Jonny Pyro is a character created by one of my oldest friends in the CAW community...who went by the same name as his character. We all pretty much started our journeys as creators at the same time me, my brother, JP, WLJ, @The 1 Man Horror Movie, @The Scorpion, and so many other now retired creators back in the early 2000s. By now the story of VWE is well known, but @lilsting10...creator of one of VWE's top characters Chris Lionheart put out a call here as VWE was looking for new talent, and we all answered. Pyro (character name John Pryor) would come to be one of the most prominent of our 1st class of E-fed characters, building a mythos and history over the next several years in VWE, LXW, XWA, TNB and other feds. Of note, JP and my own Jayson Jones were fast friends as characters, representative of how his creator and I became friends away from CAW making. But as time passed and everyone got older, our hobby of role playing dwindled. JP's creator got married, had kids and started his own business. By 2008, he pretty much retired from the scene...leaving a lasting legacy with his character that's still felt through many of us old schooler's creations. Well, 2 months ago I caught up with JP on Facebook and we chatted it up. We talked about the old days, and I asked him for permission to bring Pyro into the modern era. He graciously gave me the go ahead, and what you see here is the end result. I decided to base 2023 Pyro on his last known attire, which was from 2008. I added the obvious age to him (he's 38) and created AI generated assets for him. Since the character Pyro was more of a prize fighter type, I didn't want to go to flashy, since this is a Jon Pryor returning to wrestling after a long layoff of being a family man. Rather than give him lots of ink, I decided to just stick with his signature dragon tat on the right arm, and gave him a new Detroit "D" on the left paying homage to his hometown, the Motor City. As far as his moves...that was tricky seeing as the way moves work...and even WHAT moves are in the game are different from SVR2008. So I did as best I could trying to recreate his move-set. Like I said, JP was a brawler at his base, but also had a lot of technical prowess and could take to the air when needed, so I tried to replicate his old style...along with a few new tricks. All and all I'm happy to bring the character forward, and share him with all of my fellow OGs who remember his significance to our community. Speaking of blasts from the past, Lavar Justice is a character I last made waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2014. Originally based on Tough Enough contestant (and American Gladiator) Jesse "Justice" Smith, I made the character as the enforcer for a stable called the "Black Empire" consisting of him, Jeff "The BAM" Bambridge and Solomon King as rivals of Jayson Jones. Hell, I completely FORGOT about the character before I got access to an old image hosting account I had, where I'd uploaded pics of him. Pretty much decided "yea, I'll show you some love" from there...and this is the end result. I don't actually have a direction for the character since he's been out of the loop for so long, but I'll probably switch things up for him...making him an ally of Jay-J now. The youngest of the original Fierhart siblings...Ryan Fierhart in recent years has become one of my top babyfaces. And why not? He looks the part. He's one of only 4 characters on my roster to be a grand slam champion. He's ALSO the husband to Ashley Diamond, now being married for 10 years, and having a 4 year old daughter. In fact, the marriage to Ashley...who was revealed to be the half sister of Helena, Kastor and Pollux Troy back in 2009 offset the over 100 year feud between the Fierhart and Troy clans. While they've made piece with the revelation, the bad blood between their older brothers...who have decades of history against each other, still lingers. At 34, Ryan's in the prime of his career and has long since stepped out of the shadow is his legendary older brother. With rivalries against the likes of Dylan Brody, Scott O'Dell, Kastor & Pollux Troy, Blake Evans, Cannon Webb and countless others...he's firmly set the tone as being one of the most competitive talents CAW has to offer. Ryan's another one of my 2nd gen characters from the early 2000s. Originally created as pretty much a clone of Edge & Christian...he's long since evolved into a completely different character. Like Dylan, I didn't change anything aside from the layout of his attire, going with long sleeves instead of the elbow pad/wristband combo. His face texture is based on actor Charlie Hunman, and he's your classic speedster in the ring. Like Gabe, his moves are derivative of Simon's, swapping out the violence for more showy, flashier moves. The "Red King". The "Usurper". By any other name, Sean Trueth's evolution from being a bright eyed babyface to becoming one of the most feared strikers in wrestling has been a legend in itself. One of the 1st graduates of Dru Mercer's Monster's Den wrestling academy, Trueth has tons of upside...but failed to deliver. Within 4 years, he'd bowed out of wrestling. He'd travel to Japan to learn of his roots, being half Japanese...where he'd learn he's the grandson of one of Japan's most fearsome warriors, Masato Tennouji...the man who gave Simon Fierhart the moniker "Kichiku-Kan"... The Destroyer. For the next few years he'd train under his grandfather, learning the ways of his family's art "Hakai-Ken"...the Fist of Destroyer. In 2018, he'd return to wrestling a new man, and cut forth a swath of destruction in his wake. Fully embracing his warrior routes, Sean Trueth has set out on a path to earn the one title that matters most to him...the title he believes is his birthright. But in order to earn it, he has to face and defeat "The King In Black" himself. Trueth's character arc is one I've been evolving over the years, and it's soon coming full circle. When I redesigned Trueth to be a "boss level" character a few years ago, it was always my intention to eventually make him a rival of Simon's. Current day Sean is fixated with the notion that he is the true "Destroyer"...so that's naturally put him at odds with both Simon and the man Simon gave the moniker to himself...Ethan Bain. Sean's face texture is based off of actor Taylor Lautner, and his attire is pretty much the same as years past since I brought him back in 2018. In the ring, he's a vicious shooter using a plethora of martial art based offense. His goal is to hurt you...badly. And he does it with samurai-like precision. We round this update up with LITERALLY my newest creation...as I just finished her a day ago. Victoria Jackson, aka Vikki Jaxx...is part of the graduating class of "The Foundation" that produced Connavar and IcONYC. Vikki was a troubled young woman with no past, as she was abandoned as a infant and raised in NYC's foster system. Her penchant for fighting constantly landed her in trouble, and she was never able to find a real home until she was 17...a mere year before she aged out of the system. That home, would be the home of Latoya Jones, Jayson Jones' older sister. At the time, her new foster brother & sister Cleo & Prentice was attending their uncle's new wrestling school...and reluctantly Vikki began joining them. It's there that she fell in love with the process. In wrestling, she could find an outlet for the chaos that existed in her core. Over the next few years, she'd train and perfect her persona, which was heavily influenced by another who she'd come to know as her "uncle and aunt"...Evan Slade and Fiona Weinstein-Slade...aka Synergi. Finding her love for wrestling merged with her love for metal music...Victoria Jackson would soon become Vikki Jaxx, driven by an unwavering need to "Bring Chaos To Order". So yea, Vikki's heavily inspired by the character from Mass Effect 2 & 3 Jacqueline Voght...aka Jack. Saw the character and instantly fell in love. Jack is a heavily tattooed, chaotic, foul mouth, brooding badass...and conversely so is Vikki. I decided I would make her a babyface...pretty much the opposite of her tattooed contemporary Holly Woodz, with her other contemporary Perxephone riding the middle. Unlike her contemporaries...and other characters of this ilk...Vikki's not a brawler. In fact, she's quite technically sound. As a character, I've for big plans for her...which obviously ties into the long term plans I'm formulating for the 4th generation of characters I'm slowly developing. And that's it. All 8 characters are available for download on all platforms. You will need ALL available DLC packs for them. Tags are of course CAW23 and OZCAW. Next on the docket...the female characters I mentioned; Aimee LeBlanc Celeste Engelbrecht Lakoda Rose Shannon White Venera Kalashnikova
  5. Yea...I've been neck deep in Mass Effect legendary edition and the moment I saw the character Jack in ME2 I was like "yep, that's gonna be my next new female character". I LOVE the way she came out, though I'm not a fan of her hair. I wish some of the ponytails that the men have (namely Damien Priest's) where available for the ladies, as that would fit her a bit better. That being said, she came out better than I had anticipated. As far as JP goes, about a month ago I touched base with his creator on FB and asked his permission to breath life back into the character. He's a family man and runs a business now, so he's LONG since retired from CAW making. Seeing as the character Pyro and Jayson Jones have a long standing history and friendship, I felt it only fitting to bring him back into the fold. I made his look based on the very last version of Pyro ever made, which was from 2008 on the PS3. Obviously I aged him up appropriately, and gave him as close to his old moveset as I could seeing as the moveset system is COMPLETELY different than what it was in SVR08. But yea, they'll be uploaded today. Working on the preview stuff as I type this.
  6. I've got the fellas all complete, plus one "bonus" upload old schoolers will enjoy. The gals are on the docket for next week, and I'll be uploading the fellas over the weekend. Yes he is. An update version of Evan is on CC currently. To tide folks over, I've got a pair of matches done...one featuring a brand new character I JUST made within the last 18 hours, the other featuring the "bonus" male character I'll be making available.
  7. Speaking of Twyla, here she is in action against "The Abyssal Witch" to tide everyone over before the update. Things are moving along as I'm almost done with the fellas. I'm also including a "surprise" release that many of the old schoolers are going to appreciate. A character not seen on these forums for a very, verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long time. A certified legend in the E-fed ranks.
  8. Found memories of the *censored*ery we did in XWA. Knuxx still owes Holly a date I hope you know...LOL. I've got 5 ladies and 5 guys in the lab for the next round of uploads; Aimee LeBlanc Celeste Engelbrecht Lakoda Rose Shannon White Venera Kalashnikova Dylan Brody Gabriel Dezba Lavar Justice Ryan Fierhart Sean Trueth That's the beauty of wrestling. You can be a face in one company, and heel in another. I like the idea of her being Tiffany's partner and bodyguard.
  9. Aight, folks. Here comes the latest update. You're gettin' 8 characters in this one...so I hope you've got the roster space!!! Heeeeeeere we go. (Steiner Row DLC required) The elder sister of Nic & Ric, "Big" Billie Bruza is a veteran of the industry of over 16 years. The 38 y/o Billie is renowned for being a massive woman, standing an even 6'0" and tipping the scales at 290-300lbs depending on what she ate for dinner. She's got a mean streak that matches her mass, and she revels in taunting and goading her opponents when she has the advantage...which is often. An avid trash talker, she can oftentimes be seen jaw jacking with fans as much as she does her opponent. Between the ropes, she's a master of throwing her weight around, using her natural power and mass to crushing effect. Big Billie is a BIG, MEAN WRECKIN' MACHINE...and she's fixin' to give the competition a good ol' fashion "Bruzin'". While new in the context of this is the 1st time I've made her in a WWE game, Billie Bruza (formerly Bertha) is not new within my universe. She's existed for years in Fire Pro Wrestling World. She's an homage to the late Dee Booher, best known in wrestling as Queen Kong and Matilda The Hun, who passed away in 2022 at the age of 73. Among my female character she's tied for the oldest on my roster with Heather Fierhart, both being 38 years old. As far as her storyline, she's competed in my Fire Pro organization Action Pro Wrestling (APW) for the majority of her career, and has decided it's time to branch off and compete in other companies. In terms of gameplay, she's exactly what you'd expect...a big, slow bruiser. Seeing her throw around the much smaller, prettier female Originals is quite satisfying...lol. (Steiner Row DLC required) (Steiner Row DLC required) Since losing the CAW Women's Title to Olympia Marstorius in 2021, Crystal's career had hit a stand still. Falling in critical loses to Callista Jay, Chloe Lockhart, Cleo Jones and Ashley Diamond...it seemed as if Crystal has lost her edge. Once considered the best technical wrestler in CAW, male or female, it appeared as if the competition had caught up to her, and the fans had turned on her. Try as she would, she couldn't get back into the win column until a chance reunion with her Winsor Academy classmates Ainsley Winsor and Nigel Sledge...aka The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. For weeks they tried to convince her that trying to endear herself to the unappreciative fans was what was holding her back, but she bucked against the idea for several weeks as the losses continued to pile on. Finally, in a tag team match teaming with Heather Fierhart against Callista and Britt Monroe, she snapped after being pinned yet again by Callista. She's proceed to assault all 3 women to a chorus of boos before leaving the arena. For several weeks she was nowhere to be found, until she made her return with a new look, and a new attitude. "The Pinnacle" had arrived. Now firmly aligned with DRS...and seemingly dating Nigel Sledge it seems...Crystal has found the formula to get back to her winning ways, being a cutthroat shooter. The once beloved Crystal Bayless is now looking out for only herself, and looking to regain what she believes is rightfully hers...the CAW Women's Title. So, I've been toying with the idea of flipping Crystal heel for a while now, and this year is the year I finally pulled the trigger. Heel Crystal is a cold, calculating, egotistical narcissist who believes now that the reason she fell so hard from the top be because she cared too much what the fans thought of her. Well, those days are gone. Now aligned with Winsor and Sledge and calling herself "The Pinnacle", she's returned to form and aims to avenge every lose she's suffered the last 2 years. attire 1 bares similarity to her classic look, save for showing off a bit more skin with the tights, while attire 2 is completely new. I wanted to give her a more sleeker, dangerous look with a high ponytail. (Steiner Row DLC required) Once one of the most feared and loathed female competitors in CAW, Dominique is now beloved by the fans after developing the unlikely friendship she's made with Tanden Fearse. Forced to team up with each other in the inaugural CAW Women's Tag Team title tourney when their original partners were unable to compete last year, which they fell short of winning in the finals to Callista Jay and Eve Williams, the duo continued to pair up to the initial reluctance of Dom. But as the weeks and months passed, Tanden slowly managed to break down the walls of Dom's steely persona and the world would come to find out behind that stoic scowl is a bubbly, fun loving farm girl from Montana. As the team "Fearse Domination", Tanden & Dom are still chasing that win against their rivals for the WTTTs, but her newfound change in attitude has also come with a new found drive to become even better as a wrestler. Now showing off her athleticism with a few new tricks picked up from her bestie, Dominique Lashay looks better than ever. Pretty much the same as with Crystal, turning Dom face felt like the right thing to do, especially since Billie's pretty much become the new "Monster Heel" of my women's division. Her design hasn't changed, but I opted to give her hair a chop into a Bob cut as it makes her look less menacing. I ALSO opted to give her make-up, as the new, nicer Dominique has gotten more attention from the fellas, so naturally she wants to start looking her best. (Steiner Row DLC required) Chicago's own Evelyn "Eve" Williams...the "E" of the B.E.C.H. faction, has come into her own in 2022-23. The 29 y/o giantess has become one of the most feared competitors in the CAW women's division, showing impressive improvement in the ring. In fact, she's regarded as the most improved talent on the roster since her debut in 2019. The former standout center for Chicago University opted for Pro Wrestling when the likelihood of her draft status in the WNBA fizzled because she dominated in a small, uncompetitive conference...and the move has paid off. In 2022 she won her 1st championship, becoming half of the inaugural CAW Women's Tag Team champions alongside stable mate Callista Jay. Dedicating herself to the craft, she's packed on over 20lbs of muscle since her debut, and is now a legit powerhouse along the likes of Dominique Lashay and Shannon White. Now coming into her own, and into her prime...questions are abound as to if Eve surpasses her stable mates and earns a shot at the Women's World Title. While her look as only changed slightly, her persona has changed immensely. Initially just a sidekick for Britt, I've gradually evolved her into being the enforcer of BECH, and evolved her moveset accordingly. This year sees Eve reach her "final form" as I'm satisfied with not just her look, but the moveset I created for her, a balance of power moves and moves that utilize her height. (Steiner Row DLC required) The "Magic City Superstar" is no stranger to controversy. Seemingly ousted from the business 5 years ago for what's best considered as "inappropriate misconduct", Kiki Chanel has spent that time in the independent circuit, where she'd garner a following that dwarfed her initial run in wrestling. She has no shame in flaunting her "assets" to get what she wants, in and out of the ring. Her shocking return to CAW was completely unexpected, as was the fact that it was at the aid of Nikki Roland, who is notoriously known as a lone wolf who trusts no one. The Atlanta born duo seem to have formed an alliance with the goal of taking out Nikki's longest standing rival Heather Fierhart and her protege Rosie Harrex. Back in the spotlight, the "BBP" (Baddest Bitch Periot") looks to steal the show. So yea, last I'm I made Kiki was 2018. There's no rhyme or reason why she missed the last 5 games. Just laziness on my part. I decided to give Nikki some back-up, as I toyed with the idea when last I made Kiki. Hers is a COMPLETE redesign from her previous iteration. The only thing that's the same is the face texture and morphing. I decided to tap Nikki Minaj for the inspiration of Kiki's new look, which meant I had to give her Donk. Thankfully we have a Donk body type for the ladies. Basically, Kiki's put on some pounds and spent a LOT of time in her local tattoo parlor since the last time you've seen her. As her gimmick now is less being a "Doll" and more being a "Sex Symbol", her moveset incorporates some of the more...how you say "raunchy" selections for her arsenal. (Pretty Sweet DLC required) To this day, little is known of the woman named "Perxephone". Since emerging from the shadows in 2017 seemingly from the call of Helena Troy, she's been a fixture at "The Wicked Witch of The North's" side. In 2022, signs of decent between her and Helena became evident as she interacted with Helena's half sister Ashley Diamond. Ashley's attempts to appeal to whatever bits of sanity existed within the feral Perxephone ultimately failed to an extent. She seemingly has begun to show signs of her own free will, and in recent months has had clashes of ideals with Helena and Lola Valentine. Perxephone seems to now search for a sense of purpose beyond being a weapon, which is slowly causing her to drift from her Coven sisters. In recent weeks, she's been seen lurking in the shadows following Ashley, yet anytime Ashley makes an attempt to interact with her, she scurries off into the shadows once more. Could it be the demon from the other side of darkness finally wishes to stand in the light? Or will her sisters in darkness pull her back into the black? Perx is another character I'm starting to evolve into a babyface. As a character, she's still very enigmatic...and to this day I've STILL not concocted an origin story for her. She just exists...for now anyway. I've got ideas on how to expand her character and build towards a proper backstory through another character I've yet to release. Actress Eva Green is the base of her face texture, and the character is OF COURSE inspired by Rosemary, Daphe and Su Yung. Among the latest graduates of The Firehouse, Twyla "Twilight" Moon has aspired to be a pro wrestler since she was a child. The Washington native has studied the business since as long as she can remember, and at the age of 18, packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles for the chance to train at the famed wrestling academy. Breaking into the business through smaller California based promotions while training under childhood hero Heather Fierhart she's honed a unique wrestling style all her own. A background in gymnastics makes her extremely agile and flexible. Newly signed to CAW June, the upside of this young woman is sky high, and with her beauty and talent, she's destined to become a front runner within the future of the CAW women's division. Twyla is LITERALLY brand new. Born of an AI art render I made that I absolutely fell in love with, I HAD to turn it into a character. Much like my other new characters, all art assets and textures on her are AI generated. I'm probably gonna end up changing her hair to the same dreads Jay-J wears eventually. "The Texas Bull". "The Big Ticket". "The One Man Army". "The Destroyer". Whatever you want to call him, Ethan Bain is one of the most fearsome big men in wrestling. Standing 7 feet tall and weighing nearly 350lbs, this massive corn-fed colossus breaks the mold of what defines a giant with his unholy mix of power, agility and athleticism. Capable of military pressing a man over his head, then following up with a bottom rope moonsault, Bain's skill set is unmatched among men his size. The youngest ever XWA World Champion, having won it at 24 years old, Bain's list of defeated opponents...known as "The Body Count" reads as a hall of fame roster of former champions in their own right. The Borger, Texas native had taken a break from the business during the pandemic, but never stopped training. Well documented is the relationship he has with Simon Fierhart, who bequeath the nickname :The Destroyer" to him, he makes his return to wrestling looking to pick off where he left off. The time has once again come for all foolish enough to face him...to "Stand and be counted." Bain is among 5 characters I crafted for use of friends to role play during the e-fed era of XWA. Fun fact, the plan was originally to have him be part of the VWE roster as well...but that fell through and his handler...who also roleplayed "Famous" Jimmy Ames decided to stick to one fed. The original concept of Bain was born from inspiration of...you guessed it...Sid Justice. Over the years, I've aged him appropriately and incorporated other sources into his design. Present day Bain is pretty much a hybrid of Sid, the late Brodie Lee and Braun Strowman. His persona is pretty cut and dry, a stoic country boy who lets his actions speak for him. This is evident by his signature line "My daddy always said if you ain't got nothin' nice to say, don't say anythin' at all. I'm done talkin'." He's not your conventional big man. He can cannon shot off of the ropes with low moonsaults and a springboard clothesline that can send him clean across the ring. Part of his draw has always been his the most agile 7 footer in wrestling, and this version of him doesn't change that formula. All of the above are available on CC right now for all platforms. Tags are OZCAW and CAW23.
  10. TRUST ME. I know all too well about life doing what life do. Rob posted Ripley up here just about a month ago. Probably fell to the 2nd page cuz no one really gave feedback but me, which is a shame. The community ain't what it used to be.
  11. Bain's been done for a week now. I was gonna release him with this pack, but decided I'll do so with the next one that includes the previously mentioned female character. I've been actually thinking of collabing with my brother and others still around in the community to do an "XWA Originals Reuinon" show. All of the characters who were part of that 1st season of XWA all together again for one show. But like I said, that would require characters that haven't been seen or made in decades...and we'd have to make them ourselves. So while it's a nice, nostalgic idea...I doubt we'd be able to do it until MUCH later as we've still got our own rosters to cater to. But rest assured, the characters from XWA I was responsible for making will be returning as part of the CAW roster. That's Ethan Bain, "Famous" Jimmy Ames, "The Daredevil" Adam Devlin, Kris Cade and Van Hayden. Speaking of Bain however...
  12. Funny you mention the Bruza's hair, I ALMOST gave them long hair again. But I saw that meant I'd have to change their "Flaming Heads" logo to represent that, and I'm to lazy fe'dat...lol. And yea, The Bruzas and Dooleys had some wars back in the day. I'll definitely sim a match with them going at it and get it uploaded.
  13. UPDATE!!! I'm holding off on the above mentioned females and making that a separate update. The tag teams however, are all complete and uploaded to CC. Here is the tag team info for them all. Smashmouth, no nonsense and hard hitting, The Bruzas have been menaces of Tag Team wrestling for 15 years. Twin brothers Nic & Ric Bruza are pair of burly, backwoods brawlers who love a good scrap. What they lack in social skills, they make up for in ferocity. 4 time Tag Team champions, the brothers are always a threat to any team they face. At one time known as "The Rockstarz", Shane Camden & Alex Price have matured and evolved over the last 10 years into one of the most cohesive and dominant teams in the world, evident by the fact that they've held tag team gold in every company they've appeared int. The "Wrestling Professionals" know they're good...and make it their business to let everyone else know it whenever they can. 3 years ago, Isaiah Ocean and Eric Storm burst onto the scene as singles competitors looking to make names for themselves and raise in the ranks. It was a chance encounter that happened after the 2 men competed against each other in a competitive, action packed, high flying match-up where they were attacked by The Bruzas after being slighted a shot at the tag team titles, that Ocean & Storm decided to team up to fight The Bruzas. On that night, Ocean Of Storms was born, and they've captivated the world of tag team wrestling ever since. With their signature high flying/martial arts style, it was only matter of time before they dethroned Monolith for the CAW Tag titles, of which the duo has held for over a year since. Kameron "Kastor" Troy and Paul "Pollux" Troy...one of the longest tenured, most decorated teams in wrestling. The Regulators have been in action since 1999, and the grizzled veteran brothers haven't missed a beat. Even after Kastor took a 2 year hiatus from the business to take care of his ailing wife, when he returned...they picked off right where they left off. Cold, calculating and efficient is what these 2 men are in the ring, running like a well oiled machine. No one is "above regulation" when it comes to The Regulators. Tags as always are OZCAW and CAW23.
  14. I do have a medical condition; heart disease, kidney disease as well as an enlarged heart. But I'm not gonna let it stop me. I just have to change up the lifestyle to keep them from failing...again. At one point earlier this year...when I took my hiatus, my heart was only pumping at 23% capacity. Normal capacity is between 40-60%...so yea, I was in pretty back shape. I'm at 35% and getting better, slowly. But said, this is a fight I'll be waging the rest of my life...and I have no one to blame for it but myself. Poor diet and pain pills because I'm on my feet 10 hours a day at work over the span of the last 9 years. But like I said, I'm not gonna let it stop me. I've also got a small update...
  15. No, I haven't uploaded Miren yet. Apologies to all for my falloff in production. Kinda got sidetracked a by this fighting game that recently released called Street Fighter 6...lol. Rest assured I'm back in the lab now, finishing up the tag teams (just have the Bruzas to complete) as well as a couple other surprises.
  16. My Tag Team: Monolith (Alex Price & Shane Camden) The Bruzas (Nic & Ric Bruza) Ocean Of Storms (Isaiah Ocean & Eric Storm) Females: Eve Williams Dominique Lashay Twyla Moon (New character) Bertha Bruza (New Character) Crystal Bayless Kiki Chanel 12 characters total. Should be done with them all the 1st-3rd of June.
  17. Thanks, Rob. He was a passion project, him and Iconyc. I've been making the same cast of characters for 2 decades now. Obviously they've all gotta age, and eventually age out. Long term the plan is to phase out some of my older characters and fill in their spots with new blood. Up until I decide it's time to retire from creating...which is an eventuality. Those close to me (like you) know my health isn't great. So gaming as a whole has kinda taken a backseat for me over the last couple years. It's the reason I wasn't as active in the 2K22 cycle. I've put out way more in this year's game to try and make up for that, but over the next 5 years? Who knows. The thought has crossed my mind. I'd be leaving the community well taken care of, as there's plenty of younger creators killin' it right now. But that's me getting ahead of myself. I'm quickly pushing the 50 mark in terms of characters completed. As I said before, Tag Teams and a couple more females are on the drawing board right now. Recently uploaded a new gal I showcased on Twitter. Still LOTS more to come.
  18. Your kind words mean a lot to me, sir. You've got everything I sent you, so I'm equally looking forward to what you do with it all. I need to start creating my titles next, so that's likely what I'll do. I'm also gonna focus on my tag teams. I uploaded Kastor Troy as a "secret upload" like I did Liedhamer...so The Regulators are complete. That leaves Monolith (Shane Camden & Alex Price), The Bruzas (Nic & Ric Bruza), Ocean Of Storms (Isaiah Ocean & Eric Storm) and a new team called "The Ascendant", followers of Sam Hein alongside Cannon Webb who make up the stable "S.I.N." (Salvation In Nihilism). So that's 8 characters coming down the pipe in the coming weeks. I'll also post their team info.
  19. Yea, he's a big boy. Just felt like making him on a whim and getting him out in the wild. A "secret upload" if you will. But there's no secret here, I've got my next upload "pack" ready to go. Eldest son of Simon Fierhart and retired "allegedly" Marine Raider and "Ghost". The character "Abel" has had many iterations. Originally he had a twin named Cain, but I scrapped that idea when I decided to shrink the Fierhart clan down a bit. I used to have an actual family tree posted, but that was like 10 years ago...that sh!t is long gone by now. Regardless, Abel has evolved and gone through numerous looks, but it was me deciding to create him in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint as the main character where I solidified his identity and history as to why he's been gone from wrestling. He joined the Marines at 21, right as his wrestling career had started, and has serve the country for over 12 years. (That's 3 enlistments.) During that time he rose in the ranks to becoming a Marine Raider, the USMC's SpecOps attachment, and later became on member of the Ghost Recon Battalion. So yea, he's a bit of a bad-ass. That's conveyed in how he fights. Unlike his father and sister, who are measured and calculating, Abel is a tank. He can deliver hurt, and absorb it as well. The attire is a variation of his original look, and his face texture and rear trunks logo are AI generated. In Late 2021, I came up with an idea to bring about the official "next generation" of my federation. That idea would center around 2 new main characters. Lucas Connavor is one of those 2 characters. A product of "The Foundation" run by Jayson Jones, Connavor is brooding bruiser who idolized "The Red Devil" Tyson Terra and fashioned himself off of his "hero", though there's nothing heroic about him. His name is a play on the word "Carnivore" and as such, he's a feral, raging beast who can only be "controlled" by one person, a woman named Miren Hera, his "handler" who will play a pivotal role in his ongoing story. This is actually the 2nd version of the character. I made the original last year, but didn't release him because 2K23 was only a couple months away...and that version got scrapped because my brother Thr33x made a character that looked similar like who Connavor's original base was, Tyrus. I've got this thing against making characters that look similar to something my brother made...so I went back to the drawing board and came up with this, something more akin to Karrion Kross meets Brody King. Of not, his art assets aside from the text on his trunks are ALL AI generated. You'll also notice he's got a thing for mythical beasts, namely the Lovecraftian old God Cthulhu. That will play into his character a bit more down the road. Anyone who's been following me over the last 15 years knows EXACTLY who this is, cuz I've been making her for as long. Holly was 1st created in the PS2 era, and is one of my oldest creations alongside Heather and Nicole. Her design philosophy? Make as UNATTRACTIVE a female character as possible. In fact, her entire reason for existing is I wanted to create a female character who was the exact opposite of the type of female characters that were being made at the time. This was back in the "Diva" days, which is where her nickname came from; The Anti-Diva. Obviously she's an anti-establishment Punk Rocker, with a penchant for violent outbursts...who absolutely HATES anything "pretty". This confuses most since she aligned herself with Britt Monroe, Callista Jay and Eve Williams to form the stable B.E.C.H. several years ago, and spends time teaming with Callista, the most "Diva" of the group. At this point, I just do whatever with her character-wise, though I've been playing around with a potential feud between her and Helena Troy...who is probably even more violent than her. That would require someone being a babyface, and I'm not above turning Holly face, which would be a 1st for her since I've made her. Her art assets are sourced from Google (same ones I've been using for years now) and her face texture is based on adult film actress Joslyn James. My magnum opus. A character I've had in my brain the last 3 years. Every since I toyed around with the idea of "retiring" my long standing characters I've been brainstorming characters to replace them. Isias Obilor is main character of my new story. Originally "IO", I came up with name "IcONYC" because it has the letters I and O in it, as well as NYC, which is where he's from. Like stated above with Connavor, he's not only a product of The Foundation, he's Jay-J's star student. That's actually the base of his rivalry with Lucas...because HE was the #1 student in the school before Isias showed up. Obviously, there paths are going to cross in many ways as their stories progress, and I've got many short and long term ideas for him since he's the new #1 of my roster...or he will be once he secures some very key victories...which I plan on highlighting in future content. His text assets are originals made by me in PS, everything else is AI generated including his face texture. A character who exists solely because of inspiration of another, Jarret Caesar my answer to the LEGENDARY Alex Stryder. This year's version actually adds elements of one of my new fave wrestlers, Johnathan Gresham. "The Emperor" has become more driven and focused since his debut in 2019, having spent time under the tutelage of Pollux Troy as opposed to Dru Mercer, where he 1st learned his craft. Does this mean Jarret's a heel now? No. It just means the smile and wave type anymore. After being soundly routed by another Mercer student, Sean Trueth...Jarret finally understood that in order to survive against killers, he had to become one himself. So when the man once known as "Kodiak" approached him to teach him the ways of breaking men's will, he didn't refuse. His art assets are Google sourced, the text is made by me and his face texture is based off of decease actor Lee Thomas Young. Gonna be honest with you all, I really ain't got much backstory for Miren yet. She's brand spanking new...as I I literally made her 3 days ago. Since I knew Connavor was taking a more "Kross" persona I figured he was gonna need his own Scarlet...and admittedly I needed an excuse to make a character based on actress/model Gaia Weiss. Eventually I plan on transitioning her into a wrestler, but for now she serves as the "tamer" of the feral Connavor. The reigning N-1 World champion 2 years running now, and the hardest hitter in my universe. Since turning his back on the fans and becoming "The Daimyo"...Rokuro Inoue has been on an undefeated streak that is the stuff of legend. Taking challengers on American and Japanese soil, he's solidified himself as one of Japan's most legendary wrestlers, up there with likes of his own mentor Masato Tennouji, Koga Kobayashi and Victory Musashi. Rokuro's design is a hybrid of Katsuyori Shibata and KENTA, 2 of my favorite Puro wrestlers. As such, he's all strong style...all the time. Over the years I've let his hair grow out, and this year he features a full beard as well. Like others, his art assets and face textures are AI generated, and text assets made by me in PS. Folk from the E-Fed era may remember this lil' lass. She's another character who came from the text based fed I recruited talent from the MWCWF (Which stood for Midwest Championship Wrestling Federation). Tanden is a former MWCWF Women's champion, former XWA Diamond champion AND former PWE Women's champ. She's also the most heated of rivals with Helena Troy. When I put PWE on hiatus, her handler dropped off the map...and I hadn't touched the character since...until last year. I didn't release her because I wanted to wait for this year's game, and I made a few tweaks to the original look. Her nickname "Shorty Rock" comes from my brother Thr33x...because she's short AF. Smallest female on my roster in fact. But OBVIOUSLY what she lacks in size she makes up for in other areas. Tenacity, guts and a willingness to put her own body on the line...she's like a female Darby Allin. The skull assets were Google sourced, the text was homemade, the shirt graphic was AI generated and her face texture is based on actress Chloe-Grace Moretz. Terry Ryan, my resident "American Hero". Originally based on the character Terry Rogers from SNK fighting game "3 Count Bout", he's gone over many changes over the years. Current day Terry takes cues from Kurt Angle, Cody Rhodes and Captain America. Not much has changed in his design over the last couple years, as I've solidified his long term look and don't plan on changing it anytime soon. His art assets are the same ones I made back in 2019, and his face texture is based on actor Ryan Gosling. Hashtags are of course CAW23 and OZCAW to find them. Heads up...Connavor, Holly, Iconyc and Jarret all use DLC. So if you don't have the Steiner Row pack you won't be able to get them. And no, I'm not making non-DLC edits for them.
  20. Since I'm just kinda aimlessly creating whoever on a whim, I'll go ahead and include Abel, Jarret and Terry in the next batch as well.
  21. But of course. Took a while to figure out what all of the new ones do, and I'm still tinkering with the fine details. Overall I'm satisfied with how the AI performs. You know I gotchu', bro. Any help I can lend I'll be glad to do so. And sorry about you and the ex. 5 years is a long time, but now you can take time to reflect on what worked and learn from what didn't. No rushing into your next relationship...you need to decompress for a little bit. On that lovely note...IT'S TIME FOR AN UPDATE!!! I've been busy the last month...which is why I'm about to drop 17, yes SEVENTEEN new creations on ya'll asses. Hope you've got the slots available...lol. Son of British wrestling legend Sir Alexander Winsor, and the prized student of the Winsor Academy of Wrestling...which has produced such talent as former CAW Women's champ Crystal Bayless, Emma Fenwick and Jack Davies to name a few. He's also one half of the tag team known as the "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" alongside Nigel Sledge. Ainsley is a powerhouse of a man, and also one of the most technically sound competitors in CAW. Anslem is a character I've made for years, and this year's version doesn't see much change from previous versions aside from his hair, which I've been slowly growing out over the years. Aside from that, he's still the big, bad beast he's always been. Ashley has come a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way since I 1st made her. She was originally created for use of a close friend in the E-fed era of XWA, and has gradually evolved into one of my staple creations ever since. Can you believe I've been making her since 2010? Yep...time damn sure flies. This year's version follows suit of the last couple years. I do plan on making a different 2nd attire reminiscent of her original, XWA attire. A nod to the fact that she's a veteran in the game, and still one of the best in the business. Decided to give Blake a new look. Based loosely off of Jon Moxley, he's entered into what I call the "Brooding Brawler" phase. Not quite a babyface, but not quite a heel either. I'm building a storyline that'll see Blake faced with a particular demon from the past given new purpose...Cannon Webb, who is now under the influence of the occultist Sam Hein. Figured it was time to give Blake a new storyline, his old one kinda ran it's course. 2023 marks the 9th year I've made this character, originally known as Britanny Nitro. She's gone through a number of versions since, until in 2019 I changed her into Britanny Monroe (Her actual name). Her design cues come from influencer/model Nahla Monroe and Taya Valkyrie...and since 2019 she's used Marilyn Monroe as her face texture (both are also why I opted to give her the Monroe last name as well). This year's version is pretty much an adaptation of 2K22's version. Just slight design variants, and a Taya-inspired 2nd attire. Britanny's right hand woman. I originally made Callista on a whim a few years ago when I decided I DESPERATELY needed to fill my women's roster, and she's one of the characters that stuck. Her design cues are inspired by former WWE Divas Eva Marie and Summer Rae, and her face texture is based off of retired adult film star Jill Kelly. Her name is actually the original stage name Jill used when she 1st got into the p0rn industry...I always thought it'd make an awesome wrestler name...and here we are. The one time BFF, now bitter enemy of Ashley Diamond...she was originally made for use in XWA. She had a RADICALLY different look back then, more base off of former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro. She was dual handled by myself and Ashley's handler, but after a while we just lost interest in RP'ing her. In 2019 I decided breathe new life into the character and bring her back with a new look, and new attitude as heel hellbent on taking down Ashley. That feud is still ongoing, with Chloe actually score some pivotal wins against her former friend and ally. I'm probably going to redesign her look, as this current one has kinda soured on me a bit. Not so much the top, but the bottom half. Might go with different bottoms with knee and kickpads, since she is a striker as her base. The niece of Jayson Jones entering her 4th year in the business. The design philosophy behind her hasn't changed...but her face texture has. Originally I had Beyonce as her base, but I then changed it to fitness model Qimmah Russo. My brother wanted to use Qimmah as a base for a character, so I let him have her and decided this year to make her face texture based on actress Tristan Mays, which certainly works...and I think I'm going to stick with permanently. Outside of that, her attires are just variants of what she's worn in past years. (Mind the image...it's San Francisco CALIFORNIA, not NY. Didn't realize the typo until I saved the image and was to lazy to go back and fix it.) She needs no introduction. My flagship female CAW, I've been making Heather since WCW No Mercy. Now a mother of 2 with husband Dru Mercer and in the later portion of her career, Heather spends time split between being a mom to her kids AND the young ladies she trains at Dru's wrestling school "The Monster's Den". Now that their kids are old enough (8 and 10), she's also began competing again. Much like I plan for Ashley, her 2nd attire is a variation of her original look waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when she was merely a manager going under alias "Hannah Friedel". You'll notice the new logo work on her...all of it was AI generated. (Game changing shit, for real). Her face texture is based on actress Charlize Theron. One of the more darker, nuanced characters I've ever made. The origin of Temperance "Helena" Troy (and her brothers Kaster & Pollux) is from a text based E-fed I had scouted to be involved in XWA midway through its existence. As it was text based, the only references I had of how the characters should look was from written descriptions. So for all 3 I took creative liberty to make them look as close to their described looks as possible. This was back in the PS3 days, so when PS4 and face texturing came along that's when I really honed in on them. The reference image used for Helena was that of Rose McGowan, so naturally that was the choice for her face texture base. As for the character, she was known as "The Dark Queen" for most of her existence, so OBVIOUSLY I went with a gothic attire and look for her. Pale skin, ominous tats, dark makeup. When she was brought into XWA, her handler and Ashley Diamond's handler concocted a storyline where it was revealed they are actually half sisters. This led to a long standing feud that I carried over into CAW, where they had been fighting over "control" of the mind of Coven member (and my resident freakshow character) Perxephone. A couple years ago I gave her the new moniker "The Wicked Witch Of The North" when I created the "The Coven" stable, which prompted me to make her 2nd attires look more "witch" like, and this year is no different. Her entrance will send chills down your spine. My 2nd longest tenured female character and longest standing rival of Heather. I actually stopped making her for a while during the PS3 days, but decided to give her new life when the PS4 games came out. Her gimmick was born of the old "angry black woman" trope, but I've since expanded it to where she's basically distrustful of EVERYONE, which also makes her one of the most treacherous heels in all of CAW. When face texturing became a thing, I originally wanted to base her off of actress Jasmine Guy, who in an episode of "A Different World" referred to herself as Big Sister Gorgeous One (where I got the nickname from) but felt that was too radical a change (Aunt Vivian Syndrome). I decided back in 2017...when I brought her back to use actress Sydelle Noel, best known for her role as Cherry Bang in the Netflix series "GLOW". The attire is just an adaptation of what she's worn since the PS3 days. Daughter of one of my legends Pavlos Marstorius. Elder sister of my brothers characters Angelus and Legionarius. Current CAW Women's World champion. She came to creation in 2019 during my female character campaign. I needed a new, dominant heel character who wasn't a monster like Dominque or a Diva like Britanny. Playing off of the idea that Pavlos was a bit of a man-h0e in his late 20s and 30s...I decided to create the oldest of his offspring, and make it a female. Her brothers...the massive mountains of muscles they are...are cupcakes compared to Olympia, who is cold, calculating and cunning. Her attire is based on the pre-GM version of Sonya Deville, and her face texture base is of actress Angie Harmon. If my female characters had serial numbers, hers would #03. Paige was originally made in HCTP as a partner and ally of Heather as the team "Blond Ambition", and she's undergone SEVERAL overhauls over the years. Current day Paige is basically a hybrid of Carmella and Liv Morgan as far as her attire and persona is concerned, and her face texture is based on actress Margot Robbie. I'm DEFINITELY going to be revamping her 2nd attire, as it's really not appealing to me. I wanted to make it a one piece like she had last year, but for WHATEVER reason they removed Carmella's original one piece, but kept the 2nd leopard print version...so I had to go different. I may just go with a more old school Liv inspired look for the 2nd attire. The oldest of the Troy siblings. Paul "Pollux" Troy is known to the wrestling world as "The Master Manipulator", and along with brother Kaster form the team known as "The Regulators". Pollux's mountainous frame belies his technical prowess as wrestler. Like Helena, he was adapted from text based descriptions, where actor Ralf Moller was used as his reference. Naturally, that's who his face texture is based on. When Pollox was integrated into XWA, his handler and I altered his story a bit, making him the oldest and fiercest rival of Simon Fierhart. The 2 have cultivated the feud between the Troy and Fierhart families started by their legendary fathers Alex "Firebird" Fierhart and "Doctor O" Otto Troy in the 60s-70s. Now both older, and with rumors that Simon is on his final run, Pollux looks to settle the score with his old rival once and for all. Of note, as mentioned earlier...he's half brother of Ashley Diamond...who happens to be married to Ryan Fierhart. So yea, the family feud is definitely a nuanced one. (They were married before the revelation of Ashley's lineage though.) One of my newest creations...sort of. The original version of Rosie was named Claire Harrex and made in 2018 as a knockoff Toni Storm. In 2019 I went a different direction with her design, making her a taller, leaner, athletic type. To match her frame, I made her face texture based on the statuesque actress/model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (And also changed her 1st name to Rosie). The prized pupil of Heather Fierhart, she and her mentor formed the 2nd incarnation of Blonde Ambition...with Paige eventually joining the fold to make it a stable. Over the years, as she's grown in the business I've intentionally made every version of her a little better, stronger and more adept as a wrestler...to simulate her gradual evolution. This year's Rosie sees her using a few more high impact power moves and utilizing her height and length more. The attire is an variation of the look she's had since her redesign. One of Simon's 2 children. Despite her brother Abel being older, she's been in wrestling far longer than him, Abel spending 13 years in the Marines and the Ghost Recon unit. Tall, powerful and deceptively fast, Simone's in-ring style is quite similar to her father's...save for her using a bit more power being a larger framed gal. Rather than use the original face texture I'd made for her based on actress Meryl Streep, I decided to use an AI generated face for her, as well as using AI generated logos. The end results I'm DEFINITELY satisfied with. The attire, like others...is a variation of previous looks from years past. As always, you know the drill. Tags are CAW23 and OZCAW. The next batch of CAWS will include my 2 new "main characters", Isias "ICONYC" Obilor and Brutus Connovar. Looking forward to showing them off.
  22. Here's another match, this time highlighting the flagship character of my brother from another mother...ACee5star. Some of you old-heads may remember him and his character from the E-fed version of XWA and it's predecessor...LXW. He's got 5 of his characters uploaded to CC, tags are 5StarCAWS and AOH23.
  23. Your gimmicks are well made, and the characters all stand out. I can just look at them and figure out what kind of personality they'd have...which is the mark of a well made creation. Consider me a fan, young sir.
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