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  1. At the present moment, I have nothing uploaded on CC. Just recently took a bulk of my content down to make room for new uploads. If there's any character you'd like specifically, post the name here on via PM and I'll upload them. And speaking of uploads...I have good news...NIHON-1 WRESTLING IS DONE!!! Well, almost. I have 3 more characters that need move-sets, but for the most part everyone is finished. I originally started with 10 characters (the 10 I lost when my old HDD crapped out on me), but then realized the there were more heels then faces. To even things out, I decided to add 4 more characters to the roster, 3 faces and one last heel to balance things out to 7 babyfaces and 7 heels...14 total characters. As they've been made on my alternate OZDBX account, I only have 5 CC slots to upload with, so I'll have to stagger the release of the characters into 3 "packs" (5/5/4). But I'll be finishing off the remaining move-sets, getting previews done, and posting the 1st pack TODAY. It's going into it's own thread so not to clutter this one, so keep and eye out for when the post goes up. After that, all that remains is the rest of CAW.
  2. Ooooh...you definitely will not be disappointed.
  3. The many years back you recall me making them, is the last time I ever made them...lol. I might be tempted to bring AMLL back on my 2nd account, but that'll be after I complete the rest of CAW and finish N-1.
  4. Thus far, only two have identities. The first is named Diedre VanDiver. Tall, statuesque, blond and musclar. Used IG "model" Gussje Van Giel as the template...with some influences from past ideas I've had for characters that didn't make the cut. The 2nd is name Cullen Dorn, and is a character I've actually had in my head a couple years now. He's the son of my brother's character Crossbonez. And of course, he runs in the same circle as Evan Slade, who is son of my brother's character Riot/Vincent Fate. As such, he's got a similar aesthetic to Evan, but I tapped Darby Allin as the primary source of inspiration, and found a digital face render I liked for the face texture. The remaining WIPs are exactly that...ideas I'm still trying to mold into full characters. For the majority they're just blank CAW models with face textures on them. Biggest challenge of making new characters is trying to source inspiration for their design that doesn't resemble the work of someone else. And I want these new characters to be unique in concept at the very least.
  5. Yes. Gearing up for the next release. Pretty much a bunch of random characters I've been working on. Decided to move the N-1 and Starlight Pro rosters to my 2nd account, which has freed up 25 more slots for the CAW roster...which I plan on filling with brand new characters.
  6. Yes. I'll be working on all the rest of my male roster next, including the N-1 promotion. Not gonna give a time table, but know that they are being worked on.
  7. Jared, Lola, JJ, Nicki, Evan, Dru, Anslem, Liedhamer, Abel and Simon are all uploaded. Blake and Ryan are not...because they're currently in "redesign" phase. Ryan is getting an attire rework, and Blake? Well...you'll just have to see what's coming next for Blake.
  8. I'll get him up during the day today for you. I've got 10 slots still free, so if anyone wants a previously uploaded character...make your request and I'll get them up.
  9. No excuses this time, I've been flat out lazy. But...here's the final five ladies of the CAW women's roster. Brand new character, based on actress/Instagram personality Ana Martel. Same motif as 2k18, just changed the layout. Also gave her longer hair. Another new character. Based on fitness model Lori Slayer. Pretty much unchanged from the previous version. Drastic change on her this year. Gave her darker hair, and the Troy family colors. Tags are of course OZCAW and CAW19.
  10. Been slaking since my last post. A lot of updates to other games I play, and I've been neck deep in all of them. The remaining 5 ladies are all done and ready to be uploaded. I just have to gussy up some preview photos for them. They will be up THIS WEEK. That's a promise. From there it's the Nihon-1 roster, then the rest of the CAW roster. Also working on a couple matches, just for the hell of it. Mainly to show off some edits to previously uploaded characters that WOULD have been their 2K20 looks, had 2K20 not been a dumpster fire of a game...so stay tuned for that as well.
  11. Cora Pendleton, Rachel Royce, Skylar Troy and 2 new girls, Ana Munos and Lori Stiel. Wasn't really feeling Teresa, so I've scrapped that character. Many of the elements from her I put into Olympia Marstorius.
  12. At LONG LAST!!! My next update!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! As mentioned before, my focus has been completing my female roster. As of this post, I have one more left to make...so I'm splitting the uploads. For this one, there will be 15 (Yes, you read right...FIFTEEN) characters, and in a week or so I'll release the remaining 3...thus completing my female roster. Tags: OZCAW, CAW19 Outside of some move changes, she's unchanged from 2018. Complete re-design of the character Aziza Nyongo. Decided since my brother has a far more appealing African female character in Talena, I'd re-work this one. Her look and moves are heavily based on WoW World Champion "The Beast" Twana Ferguson. Overhauled her outfit, changed up a few moves. Aside from that...same as 2018. Just a basic color scheme change on her, as well as a 3 toned motif rather then solid colors. Another character overhaul. In 2018 she had a face texture based on Beyonce. But seeing as she's the brother of Prentice Jones, I decided to go a different direction. Her face and body type are based on instagram model Qimmah Russo. Changed up her footwear from 2018 and ditched the Sasha Banks-like gimmick. Also changed her move-set using Gail Kim as the basis. Aside from a 2 toned design accent on her bottoms she's unchanged from 2018. Changed her hair. That's it. Kiki Chanel no more, she's back to her original persona. Based her new look heavily on Aerial "Big Swole" Munroe. Gave her a more "native" theme for the attire and hair. Made her a babyface. That's all. Went for more "Carmella" on this attire then 2018, but pretty much the same character as before. A bit of a rush job, but I like the result...so I stuck with it. Same color scheme, just different pieces for the top and bottom, as well as different (but not much) logo layout. Exactly the same as 2018...just with more color in her skin tone. (Hated how pale she looked.) Different design motif on the attire, but overall a copy/paste from 2018. Also made her a lil' "thiccer". Used a different face template this year (one of the more Slavic looking ones) and gave her different boots. Everything else is unchanged. ~~~~ Like I said, I have 5 more ladies to upload...but only 15 slots to do so with. So I'll let these gals sit for a lil' while, then put the remaining ones up. Next on the docket is the tireless task of re-doing the Nihon-1 roster. Been dreading having to do them over again, but...they're up next.
  13. Nope. Chalk it up to dumb luck. Anyways, I have some good news. I decided instead of killing myself to get a set number of characters completed to upload, I'd create a bunch in mass, THEN upload them in "packs". I'm starting out with the remainder of my female roster...of which as of this post I only have 4 more to make, then all 50 of my ladies will be done. There's content on the way. Just bare with me a lil' longer.
  14. I'll have characters up and ready in the coming week. Kinda been just making them in bulk so I can roll out a bunch at a time instead of in small sets. The 1st batch is gonna be female characters. Remakes of 4 of the Starlight Pro girls I lost when my HDD crashed, and a bunch of others from my female roster.
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