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  1. Been slaking since my last post. A lot of updates to other games I play, and I've been neck deep in all of them. The remaining 5 ladies are all done and ready to be uploaded. I just have to gussy up some preview photos for them. They will be up THIS WEEK. That's a promise. From there it's the Nihon-1 roster, then the rest of the CAW roster. Also working on a couple matches, just for the hell of it. Mainly to show off some edits to previously uploaded characters that WOULD have been their 2K20 looks, had 2K20 not been a dumpster fire of a game...so stay tuned for that as well.
  2. Cora Pendleton, Rachel Royce, Skylar Troy and 2 new girls, Ana Munos and Lori Stiel. Wasn't really feeling Teresa, so I've scrapped that character. Many of the elements from her I put into Olympia Marstorius.
  3. At LONG LAST!!! My next update!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! As mentioned before, my focus has been completing my female roster. As of this post, I have one more left to make...so I'm splitting the uploads. For this one, there will be 15 (Yes, you read right...FIFTEEN) characters, and in a week or so I'll release the remaining 3...thus completing my female roster. Tags: OZCAW, CAW19 Outside of some move changes, she's unchanged from 2018. Complete re-design of the character Aziza Nyongo. Decided since my brother has a far more appealing African female character in Talena, I'd re-work this one. Her look and moves are heavily based on WoW World Champion "The Beast" Twana Ferguson. Overhauled her outfit, changed up a few moves. Aside from that...same as 2018. Just a basic color scheme change on her, as well as a 3 toned motif rather then solid colors. Another character overhaul. In 2018 she had a face texture based on Beyonce. But seeing as she's the brother of Prentice Jones, I decided to go a different direction. Her face and body type are based on instagram model Qimmah Russo. Changed up her footwear from 2018 and ditched the Sasha Banks-like gimmick. Also changed her move-set using Gail Kim as the basis. Aside from a 2 toned design accent on her bottoms she's unchanged from 2018. Changed her hair. That's it. Kiki Chanel no more, she's back to her original persona. Based her new look heavily on Aerial "Big Swole" Munroe. Gave her a more "native" theme for the attire and hair. Made her a babyface. That's all. Went for more "Carmella" on this attire then 2018, but pretty much the same character as before. A bit of a rush job, but I like the result...so I stuck with it. Same color scheme, just different pieces for the top and bottom, as well as different (but not much) logo layout. Exactly the same as 2018...just with more color in her skin tone. (Hated how pale she looked.) Different design motif on the attire, but overall a copy/paste from 2018. Also made her a lil' "thiccer". Used a different face template this year (one of the more Slavic looking ones) and gave her different boots. Everything else is unchanged. ~~~~ Like I said, I have 5 more ladies to upload...but only 15 slots to do so with. So I'll let these gals sit for a lil' while, then put the remaining ones up. Next on the docket is the tireless task of re-doing the Nihon-1 roster. Been dreading having to do them over again, but...they're up next.
  4. Nope. Chalk it up to dumb luck. Anyways, I have some good news. I decided instead of killing myself to get a set number of characters completed to upload, I'd create a bunch in mass, THEN upload them in "packs". I'm starting out with the remainder of my female roster...of which as of this post I only have 4 more to make, then all 50 of my ladies will be done. There's content on the way. Just bare with me a lil' longer.
  5. I'll have characters up and ready in the coming week. Kinda been just making them in bulk so I can roll out a bunch at a time instead of in small sets. The 1st batch is gonna be female characters. Remakes of 4 of the Starlight Pro girls I lost when my HDD crashed, and a bunch of others from my female roster.
  6. MASSIVE MAJOR UPDATE!!! Ya'll knew this was coming... I'm staying on 2K19. After doing my own research and a deep dive on Twitter, seeing the multitude of bugs and glitches in 2K20...I can't within any reason see myself buying that game. It's a dumpster fire of biblical proportions. Even worse the Mass Effect: Andromeda when it released. So yea, I'm sticking to this version of the game. All planned updates are now back on the table, and will be forth coming. Not gonna give a timetable, but know I'm back in the lab working on content for 2K19.
  7. Ok...after doing a deep dive on Twitter and seen a multitude of new bugs and glitches on top of the ones I initially thought weren't "that bad", I can't with any conscience bring myself to saying I'll buy WWE2K20. I'm reniging my last post in this topic. Staying with 2K19 until further notice.
  8. Historically, the 1st version of the game after every console transition has been utter garbage. And compound that with the fact that Yukes is actually making their own wrestling game, and AEW is rolling with Sin Sophia (formerly AKI Corp) to make their game...I'm wholly prepared for the idea that WWE2K20 might be the last "WWE" wrestling game I buy. It solely depends on what creation options the Yukes and AEW games provide. If they're on-par or better then WWE 2K21-22 (depending one what years they roll out, I'm predicting 2023 at the latest)...that I'm jumping ship faster then Hall and Nash did to WCW. Edit: Also, I love that we're having a respectful conversation on this topic. Don't go on Twitter or Reddit...it's a dumpster fire there. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BUDDY!!!!
  9. Even though everything is telling me to skip 2K20...my gut tells me to get it, so I'm gonna get it. All year I've pretty much had the inclination that the game was going to be copy/paste of 2K19, then with Yuke's leaving I thought it's probably going to be even rough. But I wasn't expecting anything innovative. We're at the tale end of a console generation...expecting innovative and new stuff from a yearly release 1 year removed from new consoles coming out is...and I don't wanna sound to mean here...a bit foolish. But to each there own. Me, I'm ok with what I see. There's enough going for it in my eyes personally to warrant moving over, despite there being the heavy descent among the community.
  10. Currently re-uploaded: Anslem Carter Evan Slade Dru Mercer Dylan Brody Gabriel Niyol Jarret Caesar Jude Riesen Oleksandr Borysov Prentice Jones Primo Valiante Rivaj Singh Sean Trueth Seth Adams Timoa Mamula Leaving them up for a few days, so grab em if you missed out.
  11. Fixed and re-uploaded. Her entrance had AJ Styles' lighting, which is still glitched.
  12. The following characters are re-uploaded: (Tags - CAW19 & OZCAW) Ashley Diamond Brittany Nitro Crystal Bayless Helena Troy Noelle Liedhamer Simone Fierhart Erik Storm Isaiah Ocean Pavlos Marstorius Simon Fierhart Liedhamer They'll remain up for 2 days so those that requested them can get them. After 2 days, they'll be removed to make room for more re-uploads.
  13. To put it as simply as possible...it's not. And I wanna apologies to anyone who had been looking forward to the update, I really do. I've come to the realization that trying to squeeze that many characters out so close to the release of the next game makes no sense. Needless to say the loss of data across multiple games really set me back a long way, and I'll be honest...it killed my desire to want to make any more characters for 2K19. So basically, I'll take re-upload requests for any character I've uploaded to this point. As far as new stuff for 2K19, that's not gonna happen. If you have a request, PM me here. I'll check my inbox every afternoon and reply when your requested character is uploaded. Again, I'm sorry for anyone who was waiting for any new content from me. 2K20 will be when you see it.
  14. I have no idea. Not even remotely. Typos. No women are in N1.
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