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The Nomodder

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Status Updates posted by The Nomodder

  1. ...is back in business!

  2. Oldschool guy is being oldschool!

  3. I love this example of modern commentary!! :D

  4. I'm on my own little break. :)

    As soon as I got my ass up to work on my projects again, I will finish Matt Hardy and Jeff Jarrett.

  5. Nothing happend to him, he just takes a little break. He is NOT gone! :)

  6. Yes, old school IS cool! :D

  7. I miss your annoyed looking Mr. Burns pic! ;)

  8. Hi!

    That's a very noble offer, but that would be like you paying for my caw! I don't know... It isn't THAT good! :) I try to get some gold status in near future and will post a formula within the next days!

    Greetings from iamnomodder

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