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The Nomodder

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About The Nomodder

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    nCo 4 life
  • Birthday 05/14/1980

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    Bret Hart, Daniel Bryan
  • Favourite Music
    Rammstein, Nightwish, Blind Guardian, Apocalyptica, etc
  • Star (Zodiac) Sign
    The Bull
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    PS4, XBOX360, PS2
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    NXT / WWE(F) / WCW
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    Everything ... with cheese gratiné
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    Doctor Who, TBBT, Star Trek,GoT, Friends
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    Inside a blue box.
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    Cawing, Dr Who, Big Bang Theory, Wrestling, Star Trek, Reading, GTA V
  1. There is some awesome stuff in this topic!! KUDOS
  2. Thanks guys. Let's hope the next patch fixes it. I will reapply all textures in the next couple of days. Reupload follows.
  3. Yup, I just had a conversation with him on Twitter. This sucks big time and will definitely take a while. Sorry!
  4. It's all in. Entrance motions, trons, music, and all. Go to 1:04:19 of this video. That is good to know, since I loved that team and wanted to reunite them definitely for my NXT Tag Division.
  5. One of the top contenders for the title! Goldberg
  6. Huge Update Chris Benoit by Dr Vries Bild "benoitface9ssfx.jpg" anzeigen. Dynamite Kid by Dr Vries Bild "dynamitekidface4esui.jpg" anzeigen.
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