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  1. I have yet to play it myself, but if word of mouth is any indication it's supposed to be phenomenal.
  2. ...If you hate the show so very much then why are you in a topic labeled 'The Walking Dead Discussion'?
  3. Yeah, I was thinking that they might try to kill her off next season.
  4. Shane had a gun to Rick's face and there was no talking the dude down. It was pretty obvious that he sought to take Rick out of the equation long ago and just couldn't find the right moment to follow up (hell, he almost did it in season 1 when the two were out scouting). What was Rick suppose to do? He has a pregnant wife and child. Also, releasing that type of news to a group of individuals who are already on edge following the Sofia incident (not to mention the fact that he was unsure as to whether the information could be trusted, based on who he received it from) just seems like a formula for disaster. Why cause unnecessary worry? He's fed up, not crazy.
  5. How is Rick a psychopath? For asserting his authority over a crumbling group? If you did everything you possibly could to keep a group of people safe and they gave you nothing in return but doubt and distrust, would you not get frustrated?
  6. ^^ Sunday nights @ 10 PM I LOOOOVE this show. A zombie tv show is long overdue.
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