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    fast punk rock
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    Ralegh, NC
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    Wrestling and Punk Rock
  1. cpoythress31191

    WCW Project

    any chance you could re up Benoit?
  2. Looks fantastic. About to download now. I really hope you decide to do a Chuckie T to go along with your Trent.
  3. I second the WWN title and maybe and Evolve arena?
  4. I really hope someone makes a good Chuckie T
  5. Any chance of a Chuck Taylor to go with him for the World Tag League?
  6. Seems to be good to go and no missing logos! Great work!
  7. Any plans to do an updated Jason Jordan?
  8. From what I understand it was a server issue that has now been corrected but not a patch that retroactively fixes bugged CAWs that were previously made. I believe everyone is now re-uploading their logos to the image manager and recreating their CAWs from scratch. Could be wrong but that's what I've picked up from reading different threads and how creators are dealing with it post patch.
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