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  1. You mean the long haired guy with shades and his... mother? Yeah, they are always on the front row on the cam side. Also that ugly dude with the green shirt and goatee (Smilez)
  2. WWE should make it a requirement that the ugly dude with the hat and green shirt in the front row has to wear a paper bag over his head before they ever go live.
  3. -Triple H © vs Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship -Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs Bray Wyatt w/the Wyatt family -Charlotte © vs Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks (or Charlotte vs Sasha) for the Divas Championship -Retirement Match: Undertaker vs Sting -Alberto Del Rio © vs Sheamus vs Rusev vs Bad News Barrett for the United States Championship -Dean Ambrose © vs Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship -Grudge Match: Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn -The New Day © vs the Usos vs the Dudley Boys (Possibly add any combination of the three Wyatts) in a TLC match for the Tag Team Championships -The Social Outcasts vs ?, ?, ?, and ? (Possibly a pre-show match) -The 3rd Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal (Another pre-show match possibility) There you have it. Reading this card on paper, actually typing this all out, it really doesn't look that bad at all. With Cena gone, obviously ruining their plans for him and Undertaker, I don't see them sticking Taker with just ANYBODY..I can see WWE working out some sort of deal with Sting to come back and work one last match with Taker to fill Cowboys Stadium. He's clearly not in the best shape anymore after September, and who knows how well his neck has healed since, but I think they'll get him in the door to work that last match. If they don't go with most of these matches or at least just a few of these, I'd be very surprised..
  4. Did Ric just say WrestleMania in the big D?
  5. Well Taker attacked first, but I'm still not convinced Lesnar is going to win Sunday. Makes no sense that they'd bring Taker back to face Lesnar again just to have him lose AGAIN.
  6. Really disappointed they haven't put up any more of the Hulk Hogan cartoon, it's stuck on only the first episode and hasn't been updated in weeks.
  7. Really liking what I'm seeing, honestly. She looks great, I think we're all going to be pleasantly surprised when she comes back.
  8. I saw the first episode of Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling, and I'm not going to lie.. I LOVED it. I vaguely, just vaguely remember hearing about this show, but went in with no prior knowledge of the characters or any of the plot. This is still my absolute favorite era in wrestling, so I may be a little biased..but it was so enjoyable. Most of the voices are way off (JYD and Okerlund were quite good, however), it's silly, it's campy, but it's so fun it's ridiculous. I eagerly await the rest to be uploaded
  9. Pretty sure I know who that's about.. I was expecting to read the same thing Does her, or should I say THEIR name , rhyme with bunny?
  10. Watching Alundra Blayze/Medusa's speech again makes me realize how long overdue Bull Nakano, Rhonda Sing (Bertha Faye R.I.P.), and Leilani Kai are for the Hall of Fame.. And is is just me, or did anyone get teary eyed and/or choked up when she mentioned Sheri, Rick Rude, and Savage? When it was time for Lanny Poffo to induct his brother, I was nearly in tears for the whole thing..I wasn't even trying to hold them back at that point..
  11. Not going to lie, there were major waterworks from me during Dana Warrior's introduction speech and Madusa's induction, as well as the induction for Savage.. My heart broke when Dana spoke, and every time the camera cut to the crowd on her two little girls who were fighting back tears trying not to cry
  12. Completely agreed 100%. The dude's so damn limited in the ring, the only reason he's being cheered at this point over Reigns is because..well, he's not Reigns. At this point, Rusev of all people would be cheered over Reigns, and he's supposed to be an anti-American villain.
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